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  1. Default My new 110gal setup

    0 Not allowed!
    My new setup to house 1 Red ear slider, 1 yellow belly slider and 3 peninsula cooters(my girls christmas present from a rescue)

    Here's the setup

    and here's some baby pics

    The baby's are a little over the size of a quarter and are vicious!

  2. Default

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    cool tank...i want a tank that ( so many jokes)

  3. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    thanks only paid $75 on craigslist, and $25 to get it delivered. It really cramps my big RES's hunting style though, he can't run them into corners to catch them anymore as the corners are 6ft apart lol, but it gives him plenty of exercise

  4. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    i get everything off craigslist lol thats the place to go

    are all the turtles in there now??
    cant wait to get my 55 up and running AHHH

  5. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    yep, I have 3 basking areas and 5 turtles. One Red Eared Slider, one Yellow Belly Slider and 3 Peninsula Cooters. The babies aren't really all that active yet. They spend most of their time laying on the driftwood or in the plants eating my hornwort. The YBS is getting very active and caught her first feeder yesterday just to have the big one steal it from her. It was funny. The big one is just a pig, he tears up anything and everything just to do it, he soesn't really chase fish anymore but waits to be fed and plays with the YBS whether she likes it or not.
    Here is the vid of the little Myrtle turtle with her first catch until the Bichir and the RES decide to take it.

  6. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    lol all that work for the big one to take it

    are those minnows as your feeders? i saw a reddish one with stripes?
    my minnows nvr look like that

  7. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    There assorted livebearers, last time I tried to count there were 4 mollies, 1 or 2 platys, 5 or 6 guppies and the rest, about 20, are swordtails. They are really to fast to be turtle feeders but he catches about 3 a week when they mess up and don't pay attention. He'll never catch one when they see him coming. There rapids fish and swim against the filter current most of the day, the males have long tails and harass the plainer looking females 24/7. They really have a lot of personality and their young come out swimming and I have had an occasional 1 or 2 survive to a 1/2", never had a guppy baby survive in the turtle tank. Now not all those fish are feeders, I also have a bluegill in there and 2 pictus catfish and 2 senegal bichirs and I am currently experimenting with the survivability of a peacock cichlid which looks like it's going to work out. So if you ever want to buy a few fish check with me first because I have probably tried it and can tell you how it will work out When's the 55gal coming?

  8. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    the 55 gallon cracked in my basment and flooded lol

    o well im wokring on a 100 right now, but its filthy gunna be a couple days before i even get it to look nice

  9. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    i just check out your tank again, mines not as long as that one its kinda tall its 4ft 100 gallon

    would turtles be ok with that?

  10. #10


    0 Not allowed!
    I like the idea about the live bearers for the feeders. That is a cool idea.

    my two favorites in my life.

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