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  1. Default African Dwarf Frog difficulty submersing

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    I'm new to ADF's and find myself worrying over the little fellows more than anything. I've had them less than a week and noticed this evening one in particular seems to be having trouble keeping himself submersed. It's like his body wants to float and as he's trying to stay on the bottom his hind parts keep floating up. Is this normal? I haven't noticed the other 2 doing this but they are spending a lot of time in their cave so I haven't seen them as much.

    Thanks for any info - this is an incredible forum!

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    What size tank are they in? How long has it been set up and is it cycled? What, if anything, is in the tank with them? What is the temp and what do you feed them? It may have gulped some air when eating. Or it could be something else. The answers the the above questions will help.
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  3. Default

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    O.K. - there are 3 frogs in a 10 gallon tank with an undergravel filter. The tank was set up with live plants for 3 weeks prior to adding the frogs last a week ago. Bought 2 frogs a week ago, 1 died Sunday night which was not surprise because he had been very lethargic and mostly floated on the top. Took him back (this past Monday) and got him replaced and bought an extra one - so there are now 3 frogs. Husband wanted a betta so we added that yesterday - he doesn't seem to bother the frogs. I've been feeding them frozen blood worms. The temp is 75 degrees. I do have sand in the area of the tank with plants in it - do you think he could have swallowed some of the sand?

  4. Default

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    Sometimes they act like that.Mine wedges himself into things so he can stay down.Hes doing it right now actually.There natural tendancy is to float.

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    Dwarf frogs need a cycled tank. Thier skin is very delicate and the ammonia and nitrites of a cycling tank can kill them. Other than that some floating is normal, but if he is having too much trouble something is wrong. First you need to feed a varity of foods. Bloodworms along is not a good diet and will cause problems. If you are new to dwarf frogs what you see as a problem staying down may very well be normal. Keep an eye on him. Is he eating okay?
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  6. Default

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    He did eat this evening. And just now checked on him and hard to tell which frog is which but but I think it was him floating at the top for a few mins, then doing some sort of cute balancing act on the leaf of a plant. Hopefully I'm just not used to their 'normal' and he is doing well. I'll keep watching - although not sure what I'll do if I think he's not normal. What else do you recommend I feed them? Can they eat earthworms?

    Thanks again,

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