I already have this in a thread in the beginner forum, but figured I would post here too......... on Thursday we bought 8 neons for our 10G tank (nothing else in the tank).......... we had previous problems with ammonia (killed 3 goldfish) and so had the tank cycling......... we had the LFS test our water twice, and the last time we were there the ammonia was a little high, so we left it another few days, tested ourselves, were confident of the water and so bought the neons.

The first night 2 died, the second day another 2, then yesterday another 2 and today another 1.......... leaving us with 1 neon. They all exhibited the same symptoms that our goldfish did, floating randomly, lethargic......... further tests on our water revealed ammonia at 0 (I also carried out a 50% water change after the first 4 died)......... we have soft water with a low pH and the tank is heated to about 80F.......... any idea's what killed the neons? they had appeared happy and very active in the tank, colors were bright, I have not been able to see any discoloration around their gills. So I have no idea what is killing them, and am really just waiting now on the last one to die......... any clues on what could be killing them? I have that I have now had 10 fish in total die, especially when we felt that our water was cycled (no ammonia, nitrite, low nitrate)........... I am reluctant to buy any more fish as we don't want them to die, and am at the point in giving up on our tank.

Is it possible the neons do not like our water? they are used to town water and we have well water? is there any other fish we could try? we want something small (tank size) and that we can get a good number of (the neons looked great zooming around the tank together).........

Any advice is really appreciated at this point. Thanks.