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  1. Default Fire Bellied Newts and RES's

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    So I was at the pet store yesterday and saw the coolest pair of fire bellied newts. I wanted to buy them right then but I don't want to set up another tank. I have one 4 footer with a 2-2 1/2 in Red Eared Slider and some feeders and Bruce the Crappie, a few ghost shrimp and 2 2 in black finned catfish/shark. I also have a 35 gal hex with feeders and 2 pictus and 2 balas but I figured that would be to narrow and deep. On the four footer I guess my question is, can the newt and turtle coexist? I know the turtle could eat him but they are supposed to have toxins to keep predators away and my turtle won't even attempt to bite the catfish, I assumed it was because the poison in the barbs repelled him, that's just a guess though. So if they could live together peacefully, I wanted to take my floating turtle dock, buy an identical one, and attach them so one would float above water and the other would be upside down attached an inch or two underwater for the newts with some live plants and smooth rocks so they can hang in shallow water. Would this suffice? I know they don't like water to deep but I don't want to make a slope in my turtle tank because it will take up too much room. Would a floating shelf suffice? If they can live together? If the tanks not too deep? I need help

  2. Default

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    anybody? help please!

  3. Default

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    The turtle will eat the newts if they can catch them.Cmon back so we can discuss your hex tank,it has issues for sure.

  4. Default

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    what's wrong with my hex tank? Oh no

  5. Default

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    Sorry I took so long to get back to you.Your hex tanks issues are the type fish you have in there.Even 1 bala or 1 pictus would be out of place in a hex tank of such a small size.The balas need a tank of a bare minimum of 55 gal with a 75 to 100 gal being much better.Balas are very active fast swimmers that need the space,they also need a group,5-6 is about right,with a fish that reaches 10-12" that means a tank of 150 gal is what is truly needed.The pictus get 6-8" and are also very active and territorial,2 of them need a 55 gal for sure.Sorry to hop on ya about something you didnt ask about but it was a problem worth tackling.

  6. Default

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    Ooooohhh yeah, I seen the big balas in the not for sale tank at the pet store. Yes the hex is just temporary, I'm buying a used 6ftr friday and hope to have it up and running a couple weeks after that. There only like 2 inches now, just babies, I thought they would be fine for a month or so, is that not the case? 6? Really? That seems like a lot of foot long fish. I might need to find a new home for them.

  7. Default

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    They are very skittish,and really need much bigger tanks then we normally keep.Maybe you could try 3 of them when you get your 6 ft.

  8. Default

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    but 2 is just not going to cut it huh? thanks for your help. And you think the turtle and newt have no chance of cohabitating

  9. Default

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    If I were you I would just buy a small 15gal long for the newts I would not dare mix them with any thing other than small fish that it could eat because you run into the problem of the tank water becoming too toxic for the turtle to live in also the newts would prefer half land and half water and some type of moss for them to walk on and other vegetation to hide in. Not sure of temp requirements of the slider but the newt requires cool temps and a fair amount of humidity so. in my opinion I would set up the a the ideal habitat for the animals you wish to care for.

  10. Default

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    turtle is like 72 to 80 I read the newts like it from 70 to 75 so I thought it would be okay like that. The toxins can affect the turtle? Didn't know that.

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