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    Thanks for digging up the old thread. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a SW tank and I think a pico may be the way I want to go for now. Very nice tanks/animals if you're still around
    20 and 10 gallon community tanks, 5.5 gallon dwarf gourami tank
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    this tank is still going, here's an hd vid of it

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    Those are AMAZING!!! I swear, I thought that half gallon one was something like 20g until you zoomed out! AMAZING AMAZING *runs out of ways to express astonishment*
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
    29 sw: Damsel, shrimpgoby, pistol shrimp, waspfish
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    thank you! these rascals are very mistake sensitive (dont go off and leave heater unplugged for two days in winter) lol but other than that they are pretty stable and these are supposed to be long term tests of micro ecosystem ecology. I think Im up to six years now on the vase

    updates coming in 2013!

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    got pics today
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    2014-10-07 22.31.11.jpgthree years after last pic, here's what it looked like last nite :)

    the reefbowl is the longest lived sub two gallon pico reef in the world, you cant believe how many decades the simple routine of changing all water weekly will last. it lasts as long as the coral fits in the container.
    Last edited by brandon429; 11-17-2014 at 09:31 PM.

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    Here are some details to consider in the aging of a pico reef approaching 10th year

    that huge giant blog on the glass is the sps from the pic above two years ago. thats the tips of the sps, grown onto glass and plated out as new colonies that cannot be removed

    there is limited space obviously, but this is reef life its cruel and beautiful at the same time. many have said online this is ugly, and sure it is compared to perfectly scaped tanks of the month but that was never the goal.

    the number of frags Ive cut glued and shipped out of this bowl is innumerable. friends from all forums have some goods, the lfs has tons of xenia and montipora frags traded back in for more zoanthids, the production justifies the look.

    I didnt want to go in and manicure this, i wanted to simple let it run and report the dynamics of a six inch deep sand bed in a gallon reef, the scleractinian corals and microfauna, etc

    in time even more dangerous red anemone mushroom corals have taken over, i dont want to pay 120xx for a majano wand to sting them out and theres no other way, should have never put one in.

    But, having soft coral dominance until a control is found is also the way of some reefs, Im more interested in the tanks ability to never crash than anything else...a regimen of care that makes this dsb unlimited lifespan among a lifespan limiting group of online dsb's for example.

    Also, google this if you want to see 1000 tanks dosed with peroxide developed from methods found in this vase reef:

    pico reef pest algae challenge thread

    from this vase initially and then the cascading feedback from normal tanks employing the method, a vast online repository of algae battling has been amassed so in this way the pico reef contributes well to the overall balance of aquarium keeping.

    I have other hobbies that take away from work Im willing to put into this bowl to eradicate the mushrooms. theyll bloom, take over, some remnants of hard coral will survive, and they'll come back when I find a way to kill off the red mushrooms and thats a battle for the next 10 years. will document every couple years here~
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    here is the recent video

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    Jul 2014

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    thank you. - cm12setx   


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    I keep pressing myself to understand my discomfort. Despite all my curiosity and fascination, I can't break away from the fact that you keep telling me to google certain search terms, that, low and behold, lead back to you.

    It's entirely possible you have insights and ideas that others may wish to implement....
    Share them,
    Speak freely about them,
    Be proud of your achievements.

    Providing me a search string to blow up your hits, is just, well, cheap at best
    and at worst it's horrifyingly narcissistic....
    and this is from a guy who is narcissistic enough to think that my reply to this thread will ever mean anything at all.

    Bottom line....
    I'd be way more interested in what you are doing if you stopped telling me to google you.
    Last edited by Baxter; 11-23-2014 at 07:00 AM. Reason: spelling correction

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    Baxter, you may choose to feel that way but I didn't mislead whatsoever, if you are uncomfortable then feel free to exit. Preciate your negativity on my 5 yr thread for the first time.

    I specifically said the link was about how dynamics within this reefbowl were extrapolated to use helpfully on other tanks some of them 300x the size, I said what was in the thread before stating to google it.

    The link has my work the same way this thread has my work, you were not mislead in any way. I was showing how much practicality can be attained out of a gallon reef,thats all. Opinions vary.

    have two pms right now asking to help on invasive algae off that post I made, so apparently some like seeing the work we compiled for four years.

    No help is needed getting hits, thats just your initial negative interpretation. Others appreciate the data, opinions vary.

    and this is from a guy who is narcissistic enough to think that my reply to this thread will ever mean anything at all.

    If your response means nothing it all then I'll take it at face value, its trolling. You wrote nothing helpful or insightful or in any way boosting to others tanks, with a standard that low its easy just to write any old negativity that comes to mind apparently. This thread is showing a small reef and what became of it.

    Most of the negativity comes from looks evaluation of the tank, its old and crowded Ive yet to see someone offended by getting directions to a thread curing algae issues across tanks. I enjoy getting pms and new tank challenges when new readers see that giant thread.
    Last edited by brandon429; 11-23-2014 at 02:14 PM.

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