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    here are many more pics of picos
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    Thanks Yes I love the starfish, they are a very welcomed detritovore in my tanks. I do 7 milliliter water changes on the shotglass sized tank. To add to filtration I use chaeto in all my saltwater picos. it helps a lot. Unfortunately mine have no corals yet as I only set them up recently. I have had many freshwater ones as well but they never last an interest to me. the pods in the saltwater picos are starting to multiply so thats pretty good news.
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
    Teddy Roosevelt
    I have lots of tanks, 9 I think.

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    Heres a pic of my tiniest one

    And the other
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
    Teddy Roosevelt
    I have lots of tanks, 9 I think.

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    I think these are so cool. They are like little pieces of living art, I just love it!!
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    Ashley that was nice of you to welcome so many months ago are you still around>

    just updating tank, running well and is an example of long term use in a pico that uses complete, not partial water changes and feeding the tank only hours before a water change interval. instead of feeding midweek, you wait and blast feed right before a water change and let all the animals fill up. this is a different feeding mode than sparse and consistent, this way works too but it doesn't pollute the tank like common feeding practice! change 100% of the water weekly+ dose a little two part midweek, feed large amount cyclopeeze 3 hours before the water change. perfect mix for 100% of all pico reefs 3 gallons and below

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    Amazon did you know I was stunned by the quality of your work just posted on that pic great job we are rare
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    I found your videos quite a while back and was (still am) amazed at the stability you've been able to achieve in such tiny volumes of water. I often wondered how to gain stability in small systems and from your work it looks like that stability is achieved via just leaving it alone and staying consistent in the foundations of planning, feeding, and water changes.

    Do you have any articles that we could read to get more insight?

    I don't have a SW tank right now but I think that you're techniques could maybe work just as well in FW. Is there a plenum system in the vase or was that an early plan?


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    hey thanks for stopping in freshwater planted was my first go round and they are even simpler than the marine, nearly hands off.

    Somewhere on the web I'll find again some pics of freshwater planted vases and a terrarium vase, all three (including the reef) were part of a matching set that ran side by side as alternate biomes. What I did for the planted vase was

    1. overdrive them with light, more than the stated requirement. I used three 13 watt daylight power compacts over each system so photosynthesis is grabbing as the CO2 and metabolism was fast for each system rather than stale from underlighting.
    -used laterite powder in the lower layer of the substrate and then a bunch of flourite then some power sand to top it off. This mixture prevented chlorosis in the plants after heavy growth and rooting was established. Also, when changing the water in the vase I hardly vaccuumed the sand, mulm was a desirable accumulate in the sandbed for longterm fertilizer via breakdown of organics, something that poisons a reef but feeds a planted tank.

    When algae showed up on the leaves I immediately rubbed it off and did a water change, or clipped the leaf. eventually algae was in total control and the tank could run very dense for years with a population of snails for internal degredation of leaves and wild type guppies for nitrogen and movement/reproduction

    I'll find the pics thanks for reminding me!

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    found em
    this shows the breadown in design
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    Those are so beautiful! I really enjoyed watching your video. I never even knew these existed before clicking on this thread. Your turtle is super cute.

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