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    I believe your Blue Diamond may have worms rather than bacterial given you just treated your tank for bacterial. Am I correct that your new discus are fine at the moment?
    I'm not always logged in, but if you PM me, I'll get back to you quickly.

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    The thing with don't want to rush to a quick judgment and pick the wrong medicine then have to switch. Medicines are difficult on our discus systems. So I just want to be sure I'm understanding your correctly with what is going on in your tank.

    Like Ryan said earlier...mixing new fish with your existing discus is a gamble and quarantining new fish is important. Some folks quarantine for at least six weeks. The reason is due to what the new discus might bring into the tank or what the existing discus may transmit to the new discus. Even if they all appear health at the moment, there are dormant issues...carriers if you will that one or the other might pass along.

    No worries though...we all make mistakes and I have made my share as well along the way. Just keep me posted and I'll help all I can.

    So the sort answer is... no I wouldn't start Furan 2...good clean water and salt for a couple of days. Add 2 tablespoons of salt/10 gallons and I'll look for your answer to the question in post #21.
    I'm not always logged in, but if you PM me, I'll get back to you quickly.

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    hey there

    I didn't quarantine the discus which I know was a huge mistake. My one blue diamond does have internal parasites, I have prazipro now, thinking of soaking their food in it.

    All of my fish have cloudy eyes and are darker in color now. They had cloudy eyes yesterday and now they have worse cloudy eyes and are darker in color. They arrant happy that is for sure.

    I picked u discus essentials and Kents RO right. I have placed both in the tank along with the salt you have recommended. (that was earlier had to go to work)

    Now I am back home and about to do a water change. for the fish add the salt RO right and discus essentials.

    So you suggest I just change the water every day and watch for a few more days?
    Seems to be getting progressively worse. I know that water is the biggest deal and ive tested it for nitrates nitrites etc

    ammonia and nitrite are at 0 and nitrate is at 10ppm. going to change the water now and wait to see if I should medicate with Furan or not

    Thanks again!

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    I sent you a PM for med instructions and dosage.

    You can use salt with Furan after you do your water change today cleaning out any remaining muck (50% should be good). Keep lights out in and around the tank. Most medicines including Furan lose their potency over time. You will want to redose in 24 hours after your next water change of at least 25%. Normal dose this time.

    Be sure to mix the Furan in warm non-chlorinated water to dissolve before adding to the tank. It will make your water yellow, but that's to be expected.
    Last edited by Discus_Dude; 03-06-2010 at 01:21 AM.
    I'm not always logged in, but if you PM me, I'll get back to you quickly.

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    PS: keep an eye on your discus from time-to-time for possible reactions to meds. It's unlikely, but it's a good general practice to have. You should always be ready to do a water change if needed.
    I'm not always logged in, but if you PM me, I'll get back to you quickly.

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