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  1. Default Diagnostic Questionnaire:

    0 Not allowed!
    Dear All:

    Should you need help with diagnosing problems with your fish or tank(s), the following checklist and/or questions may prove valuable. Feel free to copy and paste it into your post in order to give those who wish to respond an overview of your issue, routine, and supporting systems.


    General Items:
    1. When did the problem start:
    2. Are you using a quarantine/hospital tank:
    3. Diet, what do you feed your fish:
    4. Feeding schedule:
    5. List tank inhabitants and sizes if needed:
    6. How long have you had them:
    7. Tank and filter cleaning schedule:
    8. Where did you get them (breeder/Local Fish Store):
    9. Medications/ salt treatments recently used or tried to treat this problem:
    10. How long has your tank been up and running:

    Physical condition or behavior of the fish (plus, when did it begin)
    1. Bloated/ Constipated:
    2. Clamped fins:
    3. Cloudy eyes:
    4. Darkened or Faded Color:
    5. Excessive slime production:
    6. Flashing/rubbing against tank objects
    7. Loss of Appetite or Not eating:
    8. Loss of balance
    9. Pin like holes, craters around eyes/forehead or along the lateral line:
    10. Rapid breathing, dysfunctional gill:
    11. Red Sores or raised scales or bumps:
    12. Sluggish:
    13. Stays in the back or corner tank areas or pointed toward the back of the tank:
    14. Stringy white feces:
    15. Stringy mucus:
    16. Swimming Upside Down:
    17. Tilted upward/downward:
    18. Visible parasites (describe appearance and location):
    19. White spots, salt like flecks, velvety appearance, cotton like growths etc.:
    20. Other unusual changes such as increased aggression:

    Water parameters:
    1. pH:
    2. Hardness (GH//KH) :
    3. Phosphates:
    4. Temperature:
    5. TDS:
    6. Source: Municipal/Well, R/O (Reverse Osmosis), Rain Water:
    7. Water change routine: i.e. 50 % daily, weekly monthly etc.:
    8. Straight from the tap or Aged:
    9. Appearance: i.e. cloudy, green, clear, yellowish, foam etc. :
    10. Odor i.e. smells clean or sulfur-like/match smell

    Water Conditioners/Buffers Additives:
    1. De-chlorinator conditioner i.e. Prime:
    2. AmQuel Plus
    3. PH adjusters:
    4. Salt:
    5. Peat or other Resins:
    6. Baking Soda, Crushed Coral, etc.:
    7. Other: (i.e. Skimmer, Ozone, CO2, Carbon Reactor, etc)

    Tank parameters:
    1. Size in gallons/liters?
    2. Substrate.? (Bare bottom, gravel, sand..)
    3. Planted? (Please name or state if plastic)
    4. Drift wood?
    5. Other decorations:

    Filter Types: (include “gph” rating/turnover and/or brand and model)
    1. Wet/dry?
    2. Canister (Hagen, Eheim, Rena etc) ?
    3. Hang-on-the Back (AquaClear , Marineland, etc)?
    4. Sponges?
    5. Supplemental air?

    Media Used:
    1. Carbon
    2. Floss/Foam
    3. Cartridge
    4. Sponges
    5. Ammo-Chips

    Lighting (for algae/plant growth issues)
    1. Hood type:
    2. Bulb type size, watts, and spectrum:
    3. Light/dark cycle (number hours on/off)
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 11-15-2009 at 10:17 PM. Reason: edit by request
    I'm not always logged in, but if you PM me, I'll get back to you quickly.

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