hey guys...went dipnetting again (is this getting annoying for you?) and have some more pictures to post.

the day was beautiful for dipnetting...unfortunately I got stung by what i'm assuming is a walking catfish. I had two in the net when it happened, though I didn't see it when it stung me. it went between my nail and the skin and it began bleeding and throbing and was extremely painful (perhaps i have very low pain treshhold? ) for over two hours...as a result of which I wasn't very concetrated and did not get great pictures nor pictures of everything we caught...sorry!

here are the pictures I do have (split up over several posts):

a new species for me, i was told these are Black Acaras (C. bimaculatum) - is this ID correct? these guys were very abundant in this spot...

right in the spot where all the acara were caught, i kept getting fry in my net, which I assume were Acara fry:

we also caught many brilliantly colored salvini. even the small ones had this very dark, strong red spot:

both species caught together in the same spot repeatedly. if you look closely on the far right you can see another fry: