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Any time . Unfortunately, my beardie died awhile back from what I think was parasites so I'll do what I can do to help a fellow owner. I rescued him from a petco that was holding him for adoption. Some young kid had him previously, decided he didn't want him anymore, and threw him outside. The mom found him a week later severely dehydrated and skinny as a rail. Once I got a hold of him he slowly got back to a normal weight and was growing rather nicely then one day he got sick, threw up, and died within 24 hours; didn't even get a chance to take him to the vet the next day. His stools were always kind of runny towards the end which is what led me towards thinking parasites along with the fact that he was outside for a long period of time. Everything else checked out with his feeding and husbandry. Anyway, enough of my ranting, hope your dragon fares better than mine did. They're definitely really fun pets to have if you have the time and money for them.
Sorry to here about that. I agree, they truly are great pets.