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  1. Default Vegass2k's first aquarium journal (goldfish)

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    Thanks to the help of some dedicated aquarists here, I am getting a step closer to having some fancy goldfish each day!

    To start, the fish I will be introducing to my tank are the following goldies :

    2 Ranchu(if we can even find any around here..petco doesn't have any)
    1 Ryukin
    *1 Shubunkin
    1 Fantail
    1 more of one of those above

    *removed from list due to compatibility issues swimming and what not I'm told. Will replace with probably a Fantail or a Ryukin.

    For now, I am thinking

    2 Ranchu
    2 Fantail
    1 Ryukin

    I had a little trouble getting that mineral build up on the top out. At least that's what I think it is. will try some more vinegar again later to get that out. I'll take any suggestions as far as an easier way to get it out though :)

    Hardware I am sourcing :

    1 Aquaclear 110
    Ceramic rings
    1 Rena FilStar XP3
    Pool filter sand
    Goldfish food
    fish net
    Air wall(I hear goldies like to play with the bubbles :)
    Theme - beach. I hope to find fish safe deco that will look like they're in a submerged beach :) like some kind of an of those generic treasure chests, beach ball..palm trees etc

    As of now, I already have procured a 55 gallon tank with stand. Here are my cleaning progress pics from my first cleaning only..about an hour of elbow grease :)

    Also wondering what I can lay across top to prevent the cat from getting in there. I already have the plastic top with lighting that goes across it, but doesn't cover the entire tank. I don't want too much coverage...and suffocate the fish..will my Aquaclear and air wall be sufficient air for the fish?

    Much more to come..this is very exciting for us!

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    nice job on the clean up...i'm not to sure on your decore theme but as they say beauty lies in the eye of the i dont use air stones in my tanks really dont like the look as long as you have surface agitation.. it will get plenty of gas exchange. for the cat get a squirt gun, a few well placed shots he'll leave the tank alone
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  3. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by bushwhacker
    nice job on the clean up...i'm not to sure on your decore theme but as they say beauty lies in the eye of the i dont use air stones in my tanks really dont like the look as long as you have surface agitation.. it will get plenty of gas exchange. for the cat get a squirt gun, a few well placed shots he'll leave the tank alone
    If I don't have bubbles, is the agitation from the rena and aqua clear sufficientfor Oxygen? I'll probably still add some kind of nice looking thing that bubbles, because I hear goldies like to sometimes play in them.

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    The aqua clear would be fine.The bubbles are just that ,bubbles.All they do is add oxygen to the water.The ac will be great until your fish get larger.They will need the rena.They may also need a bigger tank when they get near full size.I don't own golds,I am unsure as to how fast they grow.
    NLS brand foog would be great for your fish.
    If you can get a wood canopy made for your tank,your cat would stay out of it.
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    I don't know if I want to go to a bigger tank perhaps I should reduce the amount of fish to 4? That would be then 13.75 gallons per fish. The tank is a lengthy one, so I think they will have a lot of room to swim, even as adults.

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    I think 5 fancy goldfish will be fine in your tank as you will have a ton of filtration with the xp3 and the aquaclear 110. Weekly water changes will keep the nitrates down.

    As the others have said, there is no real need for an airstone, though it will help with oxygen exchange. Most people use them for the look. If you go that route, you'll need an air pump and airline tubing in addition to the airstone.
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  7. Default

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    yeah I think instead of getting a plain ole airstone or what not, I'll eventually find a nice decoration that fits my theme well that is made for tubing air to it.

    Today, after reading that PetSmart does indeed pricematch, I went there with printouts in hand. I think it pretty much comes out even, paying tax instead of S&H. And besides, I like local for these things in case there is any need for return due to defect or whatever. Overall I got all this stuff in In the photo for 300 dollars. In the photo are :

    Rena Filstar xP3
    Aquaclear 110 Power filter
    API Master Freshwater test kit
    Fluval ceramic rings
    Omega one small sinking goldfish food
    Aqueon Water conditioner
    4" net

    Two things come to mind while I was shopping. Do I need to not use the carbon? Will it hinder the bacteria growth when cycling, and when the tank is already cycling and with fish? replace carbon with something else? Also, I got the ceramic rings from fluval for the aquaclear.

  8. Default

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    One thing I forgot! A heater/thermometer! Damn I knew I forgot something lol.

    My friend recommended a Visitherm heater, 350w. Upon reading specs though, I read that I only need a 200w for 55 gallon tank. Any reason to get the higher wattage one? Perhaps if i get a higher one, and lower the temp it'll be more efficient? Or perhaps get a bigger one just in case I go to a bigger tank sometime? Not sure why I would go with that big 350 guy.

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    5 watts a gallon is the usual recommendation. I would go with a 250.

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    Goldfish are temperate fish, no need for a heater as you'll want their tank water on the cool side.
    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

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