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  1. Default Craigslist RAY in 75 Gallon

    0 Not allowed! That guy is giving away great deal on a 75 gallon tank with a stingray. But my thing is.....Isnt that a really small tank for a stingray?

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    Yes, that tank is not anywhere near close for a ray. Do you have a LFS that will tank it for you?

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    LOL no im not gettin that tank or ray i just saw it and was like OMG WTF that 75 is small and someone else will get it and think its ok...Bad part is it still has stinger the ones ive seen in one store didnt so its gonna be pissy from being in a smaller tank and might sting the person. And he think its ok. It would be a good deal to buy that stuff from him and then turn it in for credit with a LFS tho and resale the 75 gallon tank online and keep whatever i want like the driftwood. Ive done this before i brought a 75 gallon for $200 that came a 250 Canister and a 400 Bio Whell filter,2 pieces of driftwood and rock at the bottom and rock caves and a heater and bags of filters media stuff. It came from a LFS display tank they just wanted to sell some used tanks. I brought it and put the good stuff on/in my 75 gallon tank and posted the tank on craigslist for 125. So i paid $75 for the filters/heater/driftwood/caves.. Pretty good deal.

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    They do best in a 4x8 tank!It doesn't have to be deep just needs a large foot print.
    Some people just never research their fish.They get a 75 and think its a huge tank that can hold anything.
    Selling it off is usually what happens next because they cannot figure out whats wrong with the set up.
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    you think that ones bad. look at this
    nuts these ppl are

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    Fortunatly that ray looks to be a teacup...which is unfortunatly a misleading name as their disks can still reach 10" across with a tail that is also of around 8-10"...they need 2ft wide tanks minimum. They are somewhat active fish that use all aspects of a tank space and a 4*2 tank should be considered the absolute bare minimum tank for 1 of these fish...180G being preferable. The 75G is a nice grow out tank for it, and it doesnt look to be cramped at the moment, well it wouldnt be if some of that decore was removed anyway.
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    I have to agree with Jenn, this is a good grow out tank for the Ray but that decor has to be dealt with, it's too confining for such active swimmers.


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    A 75 will actually last a Retuculated stingray for quite a while if not for life. They only reach a disk size of about 10-17 inches (i've seen a huge range in adult sizes)...also depending on sex. it would still do better in a larger tank, but its not as bad as everyone's making it out to be.
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    Yeah that tank is way too small for a ray. Although I can think of a number of other things to put in it

    And don't even get me started on that alligator tank!

    One of the more creative tanks I've ever seen for a ray was an 8 foot diameter heavy plastic kiddy pool. It was a great setup. The pool was about 20 inches deep with a sand bottom and a bunch of random rock and stuff. The owner painted the pool black and put all kinds of plants around the outside. VERY cool looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic
    Yeah that tank is way too small for a ray. Although I can think of a number of other things to put in it
    these statements are a bit general...this is kind of like comparing keeping an alligator gar to a spotted gar (totally different animals). Just because it's a ray doesnt mean it gets a 24+ inch disk. Reticulated rays are one of the smallest ray species.
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