I have been a lurker for quite some time, but never have posted. I have had aquariums since as long as I can remember, and now I am 30 (in a few days anyways). Usually I never really had time for them and was of the mindset, fill it up and plop some fish in them. During the past 10 years though I have taken to making the aquarium a home for the fish rather than something to look at for me. I have a 46 Euro that I recently moved into our bathroom that has a tropical community in it consisting of 1 female Angel (this thing lays eggs it seems constantly) a Dwarf rainbow gourami, 1 Chocolate Albino Pleco, 3 Congo Tetras, and 4 neon tetras. I just added a new filter to the tank. It was an Emperor 400 (in use now on my 29 in my son's room) and is now a Fluval 305 canister. This thing is quiet and moves some water! There are 2 large pieces of driftwood in there and several live plants. I do not have a CO2 system on it, but it seems to do well without it.

My new baby is the 29 I set up in my sons room for him. This is my first foray into Ciclids (Malawi). I am using Malawi salt/buffer in it and it has the emperor 400 kepping it clean and clear. In there so far are a pair of Yellow Labs, and a pair of (Can't remember the name right now..fish store used the proper names that are hard to remember) Peacocks?? They were breeding in the tank at the store and he got me the pair. She is still holding the eggs in her new home and thier mating dance continued into my new tank. Anayways..hello