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when i lived in Virginia Beach I bought a young alligator gar from the local pet shop. I kept him/her in my 55 gal. community tank. I also fed him a LOT of feeder goldfish so he wouldn't eat any of the others. Pretty much a basic set up, neutral PH of about 7. I had tetras, upside down cats, frogmouth chaca chaca a black ghost knife and lots of others. never had problems with anyone not getting along...but I emphasize, i kept the gar well fed. I've known him to eat about 2 dozen in a day. He /she was 3-4 inches when i got him and when I moved about a year later he was 9-10 inches and getting heavy bodied. I didn't want to risk any of them dying because of the move so i took them all back to the shop where i'd bought them. Jay, the great guy that worked there was stunned when he saw how big all my "babies" had gotten. Gars are not hard to keep but I think i'd go for a pond for them, or at least a 125 gal. tank I cannot believe they asked that price...380.00?!!!
I doubt you actually had A. spatula. In one year being fed like you say...a true Aliigator Gar would be well over 24" long and taking down everything in the tank. Not calling you a liar...just misinformed. Gar are a very commonly mislabled fish (they seem to call anything that looks remotely like a gar a "gar"). Do you have any pics of this fish? Just curious.

BTW...this is a pretty old thread.