I am getting all the equipment together to set up my 120 gal. tank.
I have noticed it can get quite expensive when it comes to return head systems.
I felt it is essentially an articulated piece of tubing like that used for coolant dispensing when doing machining, mostly metalwork but however used on many other materials.

I looked online and found a lot of alternatives with these for an aquarium application.
Comes in several materials and seems fairly easy to work with.

I am going to run a Mag Drive 18 for the return @ just over 4' of head with around 1200gph that height.
I will also have the dual 1" outlet overflow box to the sump.

Questions come to mind when considering the whole picture.
What material would be best? (plastic of course, ie; Polypropylene, Nylon, ect)
Should I get a 4 outlet manifold? (all outlets would be close together)
Should I get 2 @ 2 outlets? (would be a pair of 2 and could space them more)
or should I consider the modular type manifold?

Some links to the system in question...