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    Jun 2009
    Charm City

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    To commemorate my new betta. - -Lp   Congratulations on your awards - Celtic Fins   thanks for the help in chosing an RC heli! - candice&jeff   thanks for helping me choose the perfect RC heli! - candice&jeff   ahahaha, into the well - Lab_Rat   

    Default Malawi, it's not just for cichlids anymore!

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    150 gallon - red shoulder severum, gold severum, vampire pleco, gold nugget pleco, bush fish, clown loaches, botia loaches, mbuna cichlids, and a few others

    55 gallon - mixed african cichlids, and one anguilla rostrata

    20 gallon long - planted, 21 pseudotropheus demasoni fry

    10 gallon - heavily planted, 1 male betta, 3 harlequin rasboras, 2 zebra danios, & 2 rummy nose tetras

    5 gallon - planted, 1 male betta, 3 harlequin rasboras, 3 panda corys, and 6 cherry shrimp

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    Feb 2009
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

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    April fools EH! This one is real! lol - Northernguy   Active member! - Wild Turkey   


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    You gotta do what you gotta do.
    90g Fluval FX5, Emperor 400
    Mbuna Tank

    55g Emperor 400, Emperor 280
    Green Terror Rubberlip Pleco Mystery Snail

    20g Long AquaClear 50 & Sponge Filter
    Trop. Community

    10g AquaClear 50 & Sponge Filter
    QT/Hospital-Maternity Tank
    Red Zebra Fry!!

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    Jan 2008
    Western Maryland

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    No different than the poor people in India who eat rats from the grain fields. Since they feed on grain (rather than garbage like American rats) it's really no different than eating squirrel or rabbit. They're all rodents, just a matter of size. Personally I'd hate to do all the work of cleaning a sufficient number of such small critters to make a meal, but if I was hungry enough I would.

    ^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks...^^^

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    Jan 2009

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    ya needed one - korith   for being super sweet - Lynn Conroy   I told you I'd use it well ;-) - DragonWatch   Something for your tank,  and for being a good sport. - Brookfish   Happy Saint Patricks Day! - Brookfish   
    Breast Cancer - Birth Parents - lobsternoob   


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    We all have to eat. I've had rat and cat and a few other foods that wouldn't be acceptable in America before, thailand has an amazing variety of foods. If it's cooked right you won't even know what your eating unless you are told. I can't imagine this being too bad, but as Toddnbecka said, they eat grain not trash, so its not like eating your common house rat that eats refuse. I'd eat just about anything before I starved to death anyway, and I'm sure anyone else would too, you get hungry enough and...
    No matter how much I learn or know I'm still gonna be a NOOB, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot!

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    Jun 2009

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    Rabbit, squirrel, nutria. All rats. All delicious.

    There were so many nutria rats where I lived in Louisiana that you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting one. Took a few (nutria, not dead cats) with my bow. Fried some and stewed some. Nutria stew, made like beef stew, tastes as good as beef stew.

    Speaking of eating cats. I think I ate one. It was sold as fried chicken from a truck in Texas but, I ain't never saw a piece of chicken that looked like it did.
    Clicky the fishy

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    Jun 2009

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    For your guppys for the people project! - Fraoch   You needed a gift! - Agassizii   Congrats on your award. - Brookfish   For the hot weather - fraggle   Have another - Agassizii   
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    lol yummy.
    "Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." -Albert Einstein

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