We have had 4 trips since the last post from us here so i will just put on a nice pic from each trip.

The first pic is of some marine species collected on a trip to mainly get 4 thousand litres of water for one of the clubbies with a very large marine set up.

While we were there we had a three hour snorkel for some fish and inverts for our tanks.

The water was nice and clear and this pic is one of the five pics of the catch for the day and there was also several pics of the area we were at,over all a very nice club day out collecting.

This is an underwater pic of a clown trigger from a trip to frazer island and the day was very calm and the water very clear,this is one of nine photos from the day and it was a boat trip to a reef off frazer very few have been to because of it's extreme openness as it is 2 hours of open ocean north of frazer isl,it is one metre deep on top and a hundred and thirty feet deep around it.

The reef in this photo has one of the most concentrated amounts of corals and reef life in queensland and is just over an hours trip in the boat from home.The life here is rediculasly spectacular.There were nineteen pics from that day.

we know this section of reef that the commercial guys do not know of and the latezonatus clown fish there are in serious abundance.
The depth is just resonable for snorkelling at just under sixty feet at the deepest and twenty feet deep on top.
All these clowns were for a display but some of the guys wanted some breeding stock so we have to use akydinos clowns now as they are like flies around here and we don't want to touch that reef of latz until the other adults there have a chance to do some more breeding before we collect any more,if in the near future any of the clubbies want any.if you take to many latz,other species of clowns may take over and the latz will loose their foot hold on the area.
They are a hard fish to catch as they will run from their anemone and they are always in water that is a little deep.