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I went to plantedtank.net and posted that I was looking to buy some plants. I did get some people who responded. I did business with one woman. The plants were not all that great. They were so so. She gave me some extras but I wound up spending $28 and the quality of the plants were not that of someone who grows thriving plants. In addition, her plants were covered with those slimy gelatinous snail beds which I thought I got rid of but one of my tanks wound up with all those nasty snails.

I went to e-bay and spent about $56 and got 6 or 7 times more plants. I basically spent twice the money but I got SOOO much more and no snail issues and the plant quality was high end and the plants were in great shape. The ebay seller has her own site and it's called:

Just had my first experience with plantedaquariumscentral.com yesterday. Bought some hornwort from them through aquabid. It had a few brown spots here and there, but there was plenty of plant for what I paid for and that more than made up for it. Plus, from what I hear, hornwort grows so easy and fast that it shouldn't matter. I did leave it in the bag a whole day after it arrived too, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it; it was very well packaged though.

You also get a coupon code you can use on the site for 10% off your purchase (not shipping of course) after buying from them once, and from what I can tell you can keep using it too.

Aquabid has plenty of good people and deals, just make sure you look at reputations and pictures and the like before buying. I've used it twice now and was highly satisfied both times so far.