last week i came across a 10 gallon tall tank
its around 1ft wide by 1ft back and 1.5ft tall
so i decided i would set-up my first nano ever

i have
api testers
a hob filter i was going to fill with live rock and live sand
a thermometer
a hydrometer
a 50w heater
a small plastic refugium (going to use it to keep copepeds plentiful)
reef salt
and just picked up an ro machine for quite cheap in the trading post

i still need to pick up a power head and lighting but waiting till i know
exactly what my tank will require before i do so.

i plan on first adding live rock and sand untill the tank is completely cycled then work from there

so just a few questions

im hoping to keep some corals and mandarin gobies

what corals would anybody here recomend with mandarin gobies?
how strong should the current be?
what lighting would i need?
would you recomend a skimmer?

thanks for the help in advance

oh and i know mandarin gobies arent recomended for a nano, because of the lack of copepeds, but i will be seeding copepeds straight from a culture kit and feeding the mandarins manually