Ok as I said in my other post I just bought a boat. Well first thing I started working on today was the trailer. The lights on the one side didnt work and I found the wiring coroaded so I bought a trailer wiring kit and decided to replace the lights and wiring all in one. No big deal Ive wired cars how hard is it to plug and play a wiring harness... Well I guess harder then I thought. If anyone has had wiring on a trailer before there are 5 wires coming out of the plug 2 for each tail light (1 for parking light the other 1 for brakes and turn signal) and a main ground that just attaches to the trailer. At each light there are the 2 wires and a ground wire coming off that you ground right at the light. I have everything wired right but couldnt get the lights to come on now I hit my left blinker and went back to look and there is a very faint flashing on Both lights??? but nothing when I have my parking lights on or hit the brakes I'm lost.. only thing I can think of is crappy ground but I grinded down to all bare metal at each location so I'm lost.. When I get back I think I'm going to run a ground wire back and see what happens.