We all read so often that people want to keep goldfish in a bowl. Or see the question: How many goldfish will "fit" in my 29 gallon tank? Perhaps this size chart will help answer those questions.

These are average sizes in inches that these fish may get. Be prepared and keep those big ones for ponds.

Common Goldfish 12 +
Comet Goldfish 12 +
Shubunkin Goldfish 10
Fantail Goldfish 6
Veiltail Goldfish 6-8
Celestial Goldfish 5-6
Bubble-Eye Goldfish 6-8
Calico Goldfish also called the Shubunkin
Butterfly Tail Goldfish 9
Telescope-Eye Goldfish 8
Ranchu Goldfish 6
Moor Goldfish 10
Oranda Goldfish 8-12
Lionhead Goldfish 6
Lionchu Goldfish 6
Pearlscale Goldfish 8
Ryukin Goldfish 4-6
Wakin Goldfish 10
Pom-Pon Goldfish 5
Jikin Goldfish 9