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    PETA would never do that. Their intent is to have NO pets. NOTHING in captiviity. Also, as everything i've seen on them anyway, they would rather just kill as a way to save the fish.

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    this may be a bit late but PETA must just take the lowest of the low pet shops and think there the gold standard for pet shops. an arowana ina 10 gallon (how is that possible) is different from a shool of danios and such in a 55 gallon. PETA acts like taking captive breed animals and giving them a safe home is a horrible crime, where leting a species go extinct is more noble. theres a name for that: complete apathy for the environment. now i dont support selling of lear's macaws or jaguars as pets, when they are hardly seen anywhere in the world, but if a species, say the timber wolf; goes extinct in the wild, how else would we bring it back but by breeding zoo stock? PETA is just a group of radicals and '60s burnouts looking for something to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deckard_wa
    Come to think of it, why wouldn't a fish want to live in a tank? There are no predators out to get them, they get fed regularly, their every need is taken care of and they don't have to work for it, most have never even seen a stream or river.

    Agreed. This could be said for any animal that is kept properly in captivity. Any animal's primary concern is food, safety from predators and perhaps the opportunity to successfully procreate. The concept that animals need or particularly care for "open space" or "freedom" beyond their daily exercise requirements is something that humans project upon these animals.
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    I think my favorite thing about that article, is how it suggests a number of times to talk to the store employees about the specific care for the fish, which we all know is a death trap for the fish. And not to mention, after them saying that pet stores are more or less evil.
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    Now honestly, I hate PETA, but you guys have to at least give them credit for having good fishkeeping facts about ph and such at the end
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    Old thread but I'd like to reiterate:

    PETA is the DEVIL!


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    Closed thread so these old threads are not brought to life again!

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