I'm pretty sure my C/T Betta has dropsy, he's got the pineconing effect and very swollen abdomen. He's having trouble swimming, he gets to the top of the tank, takes some air then sinks again. He was fine a week ago in fact we had him in my breeding tank & he fathered some fry - (which are now even more precious!) I moved him once the fry were free swimming and put him back in the community tank he used to be in. (Only problem was the angels in their didn't accept him back and last 2 days he's been hiding down bottom of that tank. Yesterday I noticed he was quite fat, & thought he'd been eating the pleco food . Today I saw them attacking him & moved him straight away into our 55litre guppy tank, but then noticed the pinecone scales. Could the angels have stressed him and caused this or would he have got it anyway? I don't think he'll last the night :(