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    Great work!!!

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    It's very well written! A+
    the statement below is false
    the statement above is true
    which one is true?
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    Thank you guys! I was a little nervous when I posted it!

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    Great work, I'm sure he will appreciate the effort you put in to help him.
    Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years.

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    thank you!
    by the way, have any of you have issues with danios nipping on your betta in a community tank, even when they are schooling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angc84
    thank you!
    by the way, have any of you have issues with danios nipping on your betta in a community tank, even when they are schooling?

    Ive had my betta in with 6 Zebra Danios for awhile ow, and have never had a problem with even a single nip. Now, that could be the presence of other species in the tank, but just my Experience.
    Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angc84
    I did not emphasize much on the nitrogen cycle in general, because I did not want it to be overwhelming! Also, it is tricky with the Whisper Internal Filter, because it comes in only one 3-in-1 filter media bag. Which means every time the filter media is replaced, the bacteria colony is removed from the filter. I believe that with the bacteria present in the gravel and betta fish's generally small bio-load, maintaining water condition is more forgiving. However, I do keep an closer eye on my water parameter after changing the media, and I definitely do not want to do too many things that disturb the bacteria colony at once! I hate to abuse Betta fish's "hardy" nature...
    It probably isn't as critical then - if you can replace the filter without causing a drastic enough cycle to affect the betta's health, then it doesn't matter.

    You are right. It is supposed to be "nitrify". It's a typo that I overlooked multiple times when I proof-read myself. Thanks for pointing it out! Oxidation is also correct. Here is a Wikipedia definition of nitrification. Nitrification is the biological oxidation of ammonia with oxygen into nitrite followed by the oxidation of these nitrites into nitrates.
    Makes sense!

    It's only natural to me that Betta fish should have lighting in their tanks. It's important to develop a Circadian rhythm for any animal, and providing your fish would a fix amount of light everyday can help just that. I think lighting makes the aquarium closer to the fish's natural habitat. Also, I remember that beneficial bacteria likes the lighting as well? I never really have to worry about temperature, since, as I've mentioned, the Marineland heater does a good job at keeping the temperature constant. I've never seen my temperature fluctuate, light on or not. Do you live in a very hot area?
    Not a very hot area, it's just that the incandescent lighting in my larger tank used to really heat it up. I switched to compact flourescents and it's better. However the tank stays warm enough that the heater never goes on. But if you keep your betta tank temperature at 78, it will be running a bit. My tank temp is currently 76, the lighting heats it up to 78 by the end of the day. My betta tank will be half the size, but the lighting valence will likely only hold one light.

    Thanks again for the write-up!

  8. Default

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    Very nicely done over all I would point out one small detail. Sticker thermometers are generally considered inaccurate when used on anything other than a glass tank. I might suggest either a digital probe style thermometer or an in tank floating or stationary type. Again though very nice write up.
    5 gallon heat/filtered: Halfmoon Betta - Buddy
    3 gallon heat/filtered: Doubletail betta - Dude
    3 gallon heat/filtered: female betta - Ruby
    10 gallon heat/filtered: Deltatail Betta - Gabriel and 4 juli cory
    29 gallon community: 3 Albino Cory,5 Harlequin Rasbora, 6 Platy, 1 Balloon Molly, 1 Dwarf Neon Gourami
    38 Gallon S.A. cichlid community hybrid: 7 Bloodfin Tetra,4 Black Skirt tetra, 1 Bronze Cory, 2pr GBR (planned), 1 Angel

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    Heh. I am just terribly paranoid about my fish. My office temperature stays at a constant 76 during the day, but I cannot help but wonder if the temperature changes at night! Since I am not the one paying the electricity bill, I decided to get my little guy a heater. =)

    Thanks for your interest! I am happy to hear your opinions and corrections on this write-up. Since I am new to the fish-keeping habit (however, seriously addicted), your opinions are important to me!

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    Regarding the sticker thermometer, I honestly have not observed any inaccuracy with it. I have a long (lab) thermometer that I use for water changes. I've checked the tank temperature with it and compare the temperature to the temperature shown on the sticker a few times, due to curiosity. I've never seen any inconsistency.

    However, if the accuracy of the sticker thermometer decreases over time, I will have to watch out for it!

    Thank you for your input.

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