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    Sorry to bring back out an old thread but, I just wanted to say thanks for posting this build on the forums. I just completed a flow diverter for my 5 gallon Betta tank and the difference was instant.

    Thanks a lot!
    16g-planted1 Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, 4 Cherry Barbs (more to come)

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    Very cool. I will have to build one as well.

    I usually turn off the filter for 3 minutes when I feed to let them eat in peace. I was thinking of building a small control module with a button that has a 3 minute timer and hit it once when i feed then i dont have to wait around to turn it back on.

    But this makes a lit more sense.
    Here is a link to my current tank. Picture is out of date, but still.

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    I do not mean to sound atrociously disrespectful but I could not have the appearance of some plastic bottle hovering at the waterline of my tank. It reminds me of the garbage and waste that our oceans are forced to harbor due to human waste and littering. It is not aesthetically pleasing. Why go through the trouble of creating something beautiful for your beautiful fish to have something that looks like garbage floating on the top?

    Would not a sponge filtration system work better AND look more attractive?

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    With a clear bottle it's nearly invisible. It's a solution to the problem at hand, not a solution for filtration as a whole. The simple thing would be to go buy another filter that does exactly what you want it to, IF it exists. This is about adapting what you already have at hand, not purchasing more goods, causing more waste of materials, energy, and time. It's recycling a product that was going to the dump. If you have issues with that then that's your issue, not mine. It works, it works great, it's easy to make, and it's helped a lot of people keep their fish in a healthier environment because they don't have to fight the extreme currents any longer but their tank is getting much more filtration than needed providing the cleanest water possible. Yeah... I think I'll keep my nearly invisible flow reducer.


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    I need to make some of these! I better go buy some Gatorade bottles!!
    30g:: Planted: 1 SAE, 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 5 Guppies, 3 Platys, 1 zebra danio, 9 Rasboras

    2.5g: 1 Male Betta

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    Once I wedged a clear piece of hard plastic I cut from flat sided plastic storage container to wedge into the exhaust of the filtered water that was exiting my Aqueon 10 gallon HOB filter. The plastic I used was at the water line and was horizontal. It was a flat piece of plastic that "was" invisible. I basically wedged it into the opening and it made a huge difference in the water floor and you could not see it at all.

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    Finally an idea i can use to stem the flow from my filter in my 10, its displacing the sand and the Betta Hates the force of the flow

    Thanks Sark great write up and an excellent idea
    16 tanks and counting

    The more i look at your tank the more i want your tank in my tank!

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    Great idea! Can't wait to try it.

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    I made 5 in just the last week or so.

    I have been drinking Gatorade like no tommorow!
    30g:: Planted: 1 SAE, 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 5 Guppies, 3 Platys, 1 zebra danio, 9 Rasboras

    2.5g: 1 Male Betta

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    I like your idea...does this also decrease the suction from the the part that sucks the water in?

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