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    Quote Originally Posted by The Red Severum
    ouch, hope you get better, maybe stop gloating about being in front of the pack and look ahead
    I know! It wasn't a race or anything but I felt like I was king of the world!

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    Yikes! That sounds painful but incredibly funny, had I been there in person I would have been the friend that has to leave due to excessive giggling.

    When I was 11 or 12, I was on a rocky beach with two of my friends. One of them was carrying a huge rock and slipped and fell, compeltely crushing his finger. It was all mangled and gushing blood everywhere and all I could do was sit down and laugh hysterically... my other friend panicked and dragged him back to the house (2 minute climb up a muddy embankment) He now has a crooked finger and I still think it was funny (though I did feel bad for him, I swear!)

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    those stupid trees sticking their branches where they don't belong hope you take a saw back with you to it lol
    55 Gallon Freshwater

  4. Default

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    Wow! Seems like you have had quite a painful month. Hope you get better soon!

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    0 Not allowed!

    I had some steak for dinner. That was a chore.

    And by that I mean all spots of my mouth hurt except a small part on my right side.

  6. #16


    0 Not allowed!
    I can't breath through my nose, which is a pain.(no pun intended)

  7. #17


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    Ouch! Feel better. I hope you heal up quick.

  8. #18


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    well last night I woke up and I mynose began running. Thinking it must be blood I grabbed I kleenix and wiped my nose And was overjoyed to discover regular snot!

    On the other hand my whole face feels swollen And I can't open my left eye all the way. Every paet of my mouth hurts and I have to hang my mouth open like an idiot and now it's etting all dried out unless I'm drinking constantly. And it hurts to swallow so drinking constantly is a real pain in the arse.

    I've had more time to think about the accident and the last thing I remember was running up to the tree think "I'll run underneath it!" I didn't see the branch cause I was running up hill and I had a hat on. The next thing I remember was lying on the ground with my hands on my face and the following thoughts went through my head:

    Uhhg, I guess I didn't make it.
    There was a branch there, Why didn' I see it.
    This is really painful
    I can't wait till I'm in the hospital."

    So I've determined that I hit the branch then fell backwards Landing on a root which is why my back hurts. I'm lucky my head didn't hit the ground as I probably wouldn't be typing this right now if it did.

    I was running as fast as I can too, mostly because this was the first time I really got to run since I broke my finger. Everybody else was probably not giving it their all cause it was just an exercise but I was like "screw it, how fast can I do this?"

    I'm sure I did a comedic little flip/slide thing where my legs and body kept moving and my face stayed on the tree.

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    0 Not allowed!
    UUgh. I can't really open my left eye. My glasses keep falling off.

  10. #20


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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz
    I felt nauseas for a bit but I burped and it was okay.
    That reminds me of filbert on Rockos modern life.

    I'm nauseas, I'm nauseas, I'm better.

    You would be amazed at how simple things can affect you. I got thrown by a horse and couldn't move for three days. My boyfriend came to stay with me. He had to help me sit up, stand up... get dressed. He was a trooper. I was in constant pain for a year even though thousands of dollars of xrays said nothing was wrong.
    I went to a holistic doctor (she uses this body scanner designed by NASA) and she asked if I had been a serious car accident. The fall had stirred up the Herpes Zoster Virus that I didn't know was in my back (Adult chicken pocks). That was my pain... and had shifted my spleen, heart and right lung (why I had trouble breathing and heart palpitations) after some homeopathic drops I'm pain free.

    I hope you don't have any permanent damage ;) Get better soon so you can go beat up that tree for punching you when you were not looking.
    75 gallon project
    45 gallon community

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