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Thread: I got Cories!

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    Default I got Cories!

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    Hoorah! I went to the Fish store to get some shrimp and I... got Cories instead... Wh-Why do I even try to plan these things?

    Anyway, I now have 3 little Cories. Each one is about an inch long and they are very cute -especially for having such a weird looking face (Sorry, but it's true).

    It's funny because I thought the cories would be freaked out because of switching tanks but while they are still doing their bit of exploration it seems like the platies are more freaked out then they are!

    One odd thing is that 2 of them seem to be riffling through the sand, goofing off and exploring the tank one is just minding his own buisness.

    I also bought some sinking pellets but other than that are there any other special requirements they need? I know that's a bad question to ask after getting them but I'm pretty sure I've got everything and the rest is just luxory.

    Any tips?

    (Originally I was going to save the Cories for later and then I was going to get pygmys but I cannot find them anywhere {the owner hasn't even heard of them, but maybe he heard a different name for them or somthing}***. But alas, I shall have my pygmies one day )

    * A bracket within a bracket? Absurd! Only with me, folks.

    ** An asterick within a post on a forum? Absurd!

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    Out of all of the fish in my signature... the cories are the least traumatized (is that the word I'm looking for?) when moved to different tanks, ect. I moved them from the 75 to a 10 and they were fine as soon as they hit the water. Sifting around and being themselves.

    Mine love tubifex & blood worms. You can try feeding those as a treat once or twice a week.

    75 gallon
    4 tiger barbs, 18 assorted tetras (groups of 6), and a zebra nerite snail
    LED lighting
    Ohio river driftwood and rocks
    Java Moss, Philippine Java Fern, Anubius

    5 gallon Fluval Chi
    1 betta. driftwood

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    Uhgg. The aquarium is cloudy because those cories kicked up so much sand. I know normal clouding goes away but if these fish are constantly kicking up sand I don't think it will.

    Here's the other thing, how do you make sure they actually get the food, so far the food that the platies didn't swipe went to the back of the aquarium stuck in a little nook.
    Do I just leave it around and assume they get it? because one platy in paticular has become surprisingly good at getting food of the ground. Did I feed them too early?

    And they're all swimming together now, too.

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    Let your filters take care of the kicked up sand unless it gets really bad.

    Use a pvc pipe or similar tube to feed the bottom feeders but not the platys

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    Pics would really help!
    What kind of sand did you use?
    Ray Your Freindly Neighborhood,Fully Mod-ified, Self-appointed Pic Hound!! Need pics!!!
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    Your corys will pick up any food the platies miss, if you are feeding treats
    like jb suggests, get a hollow plastic tube, put it in the tank near to where
    the cory's like to hang out, drop the food down the tube, then just lift it
    and watch the party lol, they will soon get to know that the tube means
    treats and will follow it all over the tank, great fun to watch.

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    I would get at least 3 more of that species.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troy
    I would get at least 3 more of that species.
    These guys?
    Regular morph of course.

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    Now there's sand all over my leaves, what can I do about this?

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    congrats! i have 4 corys and i absolutely love them! i used the sinking pellets until i realized that my gouramis were eating them and the corys didn't get much at all so i got them hikari sinking algae wafers and they are absolutely perfect! i have 2 of the albinos (lost the third due to cycling) and to school with them i got two emerald green corys. i now different species arent suppose to school but my barbs often do so i thought ide see if the corys would and boy do they ever. they play follow the leader all over the tank and its a riot to watch!

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