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Thread: Guess What!!!!

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    Im kidding of course!! Im sure they only stink if you dont take care of them well, which wouldnt be common on the forum. Of course, i cant smell any of yours!

    I know very few people with birds but ive never seen a bird in a cage i would call adequate in a home, regardless of cleaning; in person that is. The only thing i know about keeping them is most of the cages at the petstore are too small.

    I love atriums (sp?) and stuff but i will leave them outdoors for now, noisy pets are not my favorite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon
    I've just bought a used cage...the same as the Budgies cage for $100, which is a steal! Life is good!!!!.

    Did you remember to cycle your cages?? Oh, wait, that's for new aquariums.

    4 black kuhli loaches, 1 clown pleco
    6 zebras, 1 blue betta

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    my mom has one of those lineolated parakeets and he talks better than her parrots. He rings just like the phone and I fall for it everytime. :)
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    Thank Goodness, cages don't have to be cycled, and no testing either!
    Crispy, your mom's Linnie sounds like fun. I'm hoping Levi will learn some words!

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    Congrats Sharon!! (sorry I didn't delete my pms LOL)

    Turk you are so right about tiny cages. I hate that. Little things I would barley put my budgie in marketed for african greys. It's awful. Don't know if you seen my thread but my budgies cage is giant for him. Though the little bugger probably doesn't appreciate it. LOL He thinks it is all his and is not too keen on anyone touching it. Though out of the cage he is a dream. Birds are great. And best of all their poop doesn't smell. Though birds do usually take on the smell of their pellets. which isn't unpleasant :)
    We can be as honest as we are ignorant. If we are, when asked what is beyond the horizon of the known, we must say that we do not know.

    Robert G. Ingersoll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon
    And before I hear any MBS comments, two cages is as far as I'm going. I'm actually downsizing tanks as well.................

    I think his name will be Levi...
    That is a lovely name for him! I hope you aren't going to downsize your tanks to 0 Sharon and go over to the feathered side!

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    Just don't get a mocking bird! Those things would drive you CRAZY!!

    Congrats on the new bird. :] Have fun!

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    Little Embers, I won't be downsizing tanks to 0...I'll be getting rid of the smaller Betta tanks, when the Bettas pass....I think!

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    Hi Sharon! Good for you! I love birds and lost my last one a few years ago. I found a skirt for the cage that eliminated the mess from the bottom of the cage! I think I bought it from Walmart but may have got it from a store in Lebanon, NH. I am envious of you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon
    Little Embers, I won't be downsizing tanks to 0...I'll be getting rid of the smaller Betta tanks, when the Bettas pass....I think!
    That's good to hear Sharon, not on the Bettas passing though LOL! I hope you will have them for a long time to come. Sounds like you are getting quite a full house!

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