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  1. Default Carnival Goldfish?

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    Today at the carnival I won a goldfish. I put him in a big cheseball container. Now I was wondering how to take care of him? He is around 3 1/2 inches. Thanks for the help!

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    First i would get an actual aquariumm to keep him in. You could start it off in a 20g but it will soonneed at least a 55g since commons can get over a foot long.

  3. Default

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    Ok. I looked around and I realised they can get 8-9 inches. I thought it would be cool to get a big tank for him. Ok so what do I feed him? Does he need a couple of buddies. The container he is in has no filter. I thought I should get an airstone. I know they are messy so when do I clean the tank? That is going to put anmonia up. How do I keep that in check. I will get some pics up soon.

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    What size tank will you get for him?for food just get a quality goldfish food such as tetra brand for filters ,that depends on the tank size.

  5. Default

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    When he gets bigger I will upgrade. Could I get a sponge filter for him? How do I keep the anmonia in check? Do I need to get him some buddies?

  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by cer
    When he gets bigger I will upgrade. Could I get a sponge filter for him? How do I keep the anmonia in check? Do I need to get him some buddies?
    Whoa,slow down there pardner.No buddies for him at the moment.As for the rest,you are well aquanted with cycling,,,,right?No different with a goldy then with any other fish.Next,are you going to keep him in a snackfood container for awhile? Oh Lord I hope not.

  7. Default

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    I am going to the LFS to get an actual tank. Maybe a 20. Then when he grows out of that I will get him a bigger tank. Now how do I keep anmonia in check. Because goldfish are messy and messy fish put anmonia up. What do you think I should do?

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    Well, I hate to sound like a b*tch may want to keep an eye on him for a few days before you spend a bunch of money on him. The very sad truth is that the prize fish like that at carnivals etc... are not taken care of at ALL, they are STRESSED to the max, and typically do not make it very long. There are of course exceptions to every rule, but anyone I have ever known who "won" a goldfish ended up with a sick goldfish in a few days time, and a dead goldfish within a week. Do not add any fish in with him, or add him into your existing tanks, until you watch him and see how it goes.

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  9. Default

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    Ok thanks. Gayle. Can I just put an air stone in? If he does die I will clean it and put it in my 10 gallon. I think I'm going to bed. I can get some pics up tomorrow:)

  10. Default

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    My wife kept one of them like this in a 5 gal for over 2 yrs [I know,I apoligize for her] in her class room,it had no filter but one of those little garbage air powered filters they sell at wally mart.I am NOT advocating underhousing fish,just saying they can be surprisingly hardy.Hers actually got over 6" kept this way,it had glass marbles for a substrate,you should have heard that fish dig for food.

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