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    Apr 2009

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    Default 1 Dwarf and 2 Honey Sunset

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    Hello. Here is another fish story. I added a powder blue dwarf gourami to the 45 gallon tank last week, where there had only been 4 white cloud minnows for some time. The tank has been running for over a year. A dead heater sickened some mollies last winter, who eventually died, but the white clouds are very hardy.
    So the dwarf was in. Very skittish, he ends up staking out the right hand side of the tank. Doesn't show any interest in flake food for several days. Then one morning, a white cloud is missing, and a fish fillet is lying on the bottom of the tank in the Dwarf's lair. Apparently he caught it, stripped the scales, eyes, and fins, leaving only a white fish fillet, which he would then snack on at his leisure. Obviously, the dead minnow snack had to go. It was stuck against the filter inlet. After cleaning that off, the Dwarf went to check things out, and appeared to be quite pissed off.
    But fortunately, he took blood worms, and is now taking flake food, and will hopefully stop snacking on his traumatized tankmates. I'm not surprised he was able to catch a minnow. I've seen him appear to stalk them by hiding in plants, and is capable of explosive bursts of speed.

    I added a pair of honey sunset gourami tonight. There appears to be plenty of real estate for co-existence. The powder blue will chase them out of his territory, and is otherwise preoccupied with pacing up and down the far right of the aquarium, maybe chasing a reflection of himself. I've seen him aggressively peck at the glass a few times.

    I have read that adding females will make for much happier fish, but I've never seen one available. Maybe I can get a few as a special order.

    Both varieties of gourami seem naturals at using the (fake) plant cover to spy out on the tank.
    45 tall: 3x white cloud minnows, 2x honey sunset gourami, 1x powder blue dwarf gourami

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    My powder blue did the same thing - that's funny! Except for killing a fish. I have a pair of the sunsets and think they're great. They are very peaceful, like pearls. The pearls do their own thing, the sunsets do their own thing, and the dwarf does his own thing.

    Mine enjoy the fake plants as well, but I don't have any small fish for them to stalk.
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    I tried dwarfs plus regular once and it didn't work out- had to move the dwarf. I think with gouramis it really depends on the male/female ratios- and I absolutely cannot tell the difference myself! Good luck!

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