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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    I have been reading also that all crypts do well in low to moderate light as well as hydro's, jungle val and echinodorus. None of the red plants will work in lower lit tanks nor the flowering variety. Those need brighter lights. Now that I have my pearl grass, I read that it needs bright light. ppttfff! More wasted money.

    I do a lot of reading in Arizona Gardens plant section. They describe quite a bit about each plant and it's requirements. Easy to see at this site just what light requirements are needed for the different varieties. Very expensive to order from them, however, as their shipping is $20 plus a $5 box free but they offer some HUGE plants if money is not a consideration.
    That is a great site Lady Hobbs! Now I have to refrain from spending to much lol. Just got to window shop for now so hubby does not take the credit card away. ;)

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    I also came across this site. It seems pretty detailed on what is needed to keep the plants alive along with a pretty good photo.

    Shrimp and snail junkie... What can I say, I like the little things in life.

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    I started a new thread so I don't clutter this one up with requests (if anyone even wants it)

    I created a "beginners" spreadsheet for myself listing all the plants Lady Hobbs had listed as EASY. To help me shop. It has sceinticic name, common name, picture, and 3 columns of info including water parameters, plant height, and how to propagate into more plants etc...

    I'm not allowed to attach the file for everyone to help themselves, so if you want a copy, please go over there and let me know. I can email it. Thanks.

    Shrimp and snail junkie... What can I say, I like the little things in life.

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    i recommend the red ludwiga for a is SOOO easy to care for. All i have in my tank is low-med light and CO2 and it grow like a weed. it is great to have. I had ot for about 1 week in my 10g and i had to prune it.

    great plant and easy.

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    if you have like 2wpg i would recommed moneymort, i've had mine for 2 weeks and its grown over 6in".
    55g: 1 Severum, 1 Raphael Catfish, 1 Syno Catfish

    5g: adopted goldfish..

    2.5g: crowntail betta

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    More great information to get me off and running! Thanks.

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    Can you mix fake and live plants? I already have fake plants in the tank, and wasn't sure about introducing a live one.

    My guess is that it doesn't matter, but it's better to be safe then sorry.

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    It won't matter but... ... You will probably end up with a tank full of live plants after a while and no more fake LOL they look so amazing.
    75 gallon project
    45 gallon community

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    Nice post .thanks!!

  10. Question "Carpet"-type beginner plant?

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    Any suggestions for a carpet-like, low light requiring, beginner level plant? Y'know, one that is suitable for the foreground of the aquarium?

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