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    I just got 2 young Razorback Turtles, need heat and UV light and Filtration put a Placo in for cleaning and a small basking area they wont use just peek their heads out of water and you're done!

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    those razorbacks will need more than a 45gal sooner or later. There isn't much in the way of a turtle that will be able to permanently live in a 45gal. There is a post below for axolotls, a 45g could work for them and I'm still hung up on how cool they look! Also fire bellied newts are awesome to watch feeding, there tank is pretty simply maintained as well.

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    There are tons of different reptiles you could go with. A lot will depend on your skill level with reptiles and the amount of time/money you are willing to put into it. Poison dart frogs are really cool. But they are harder to care for, need very small feeders like pinhead crickets, friutflys and springtails and they are not cheap. One male and one or two female tokay geckos would look nice. You could plant the tank and have a group of crested geckos. But only one male as they will fight. Crested are pretty tame and eat mostly fruit/baby food and some insects. There are all kinds of frogs and toads. Salamanders are interesting too. So are newts, but a lot of them need cooler temps.
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    Agreed with the poison dart frogs; I wouldn't recommend them unless you have a lot more experience under your belt. The hardest part in keeping them is maintaining a stable, high humidity habitat, as well as culturing fruit flies and springtails to feed them, plus they're just very sensitive creatures to begin with. Most setups I see include live plants too, so that would be something else to look into.

    Some pretty common, easy-to-find lizards/amphibians I can think of off the top of my head would include: leopard geckos (just found out carrot tail geckos are actually another name for/type of leopard gecko), fire-bellied toads, white's tree frogs, certain skinks (five line, schneider/berber, malaysian, fire, etc.), a sandfish (really cool to watch "swim" in the sand), bahama anoles if you want another kind, and axolotls(not as common), crested geckos, and a temp home for a beardie as mentioned earlier.

    If you want to go more aquarium style, check out dwarf african frogs. I have one and he is pretty amusing to watch.

    Although not very common quite yet (especially captive bred), check out collared lizards. There's a few breeders you can buy from online or you may be able to find them at a reptile show or something. Pretty easy to care for and very entertaining little guys (they can run up to 16 mph on their hind legs!). Here's a picture of the pair my girlfriend and I just picked up a few weeks ago.

    If you do go this route, I'd only recommend one, though, unless you upgrade the tank later since they need a lot of room to run.

    IF you get over your fear of snakes , most colubrids can be housed comfortably in a cage that size. Corn snakes and milk snakes are just about everywhere and are very easy to care for. If you get them as babies, you can slowly get used to owning a relatively bigger snake. I have a baby corn snake and he's not much bigger than a worm; I've actually seen larger worms.

    That mouse he is easting is probably about the size of the first section of your pinkie to give you a good idea of his size. How can you not want that?

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    Finally someone mentions snakes. I have a rosy boa and I love her.
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
    Teddy Roosevelt
    I have lots of tanks, 9 I think.

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    Collards will need a lot of room I have a pair in a 45 gallon tank and believe me they use every inch of it, and you can house 2 Razorbacks in a 29 gallon aquarium, they only grow to 5 inches. Give the watr a depth of about 6 inches when young and 1 foot when just over a year old, and give them basking area just under the suface as they rarely rise, when young anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtledean
    Collards will need a lot of room I have a pair in a 45 gallon tank and believe me they use every inch of it...
    Yeah we built our own custom enclosure for them. Measures to 4' x 2' x 2'. Roughly 120 gallons using a calculator, though the footprint is what matters most I suppose. I'm sure they'll be very pleased with the running room. They're currently sitting in a 20 long temporarily until it's done, but they're still tiny yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amazon
    Finally someone mentions snakes. I have a rosy boa and I love her.
    Heh, you'd probably like it at our house. We have 12 and 8 of them are different kinds of boas. People normally have a bad connotation with snakes, but most in the pet trade (excluding venomous) are actually really nice and boas have a heck of a personality too. Although maybe freshwaterfishlover just can't have snakes in an apartment or something? If not, and you want to look into them, even though you said you didn't lol, one thing I tell people to put things in perspective is that I would much rather be bitten by a snake than a dog any day. I've been bitten by both and would rather be bitten several times over by one of our 5'+ boas than my little 12 year old boston terrier; half the time you don't even feel it happen, you just see drops of blood all of a sudden. Something else to ponder... there have been something like 20 deaths related to captive reptiles in the past 20 years or something (I forget the exact stats on this), none of which were from boas, and then go and look at how many deaths and maulings there have been from dogs just in one year alone. And they want to ban boas and pythons?? Just cuse dogs are the "all-american" pet and they're cute and have fur excuses them for killing people I suppose, but one thing with scales is found near a baby in Florida and stuff hits the fan. Anyway, I'm done ranting, snakes are cool pets is the point .

    Another lizard to look into since I'm posting...
    A uromastyx is very similar, care wise, to a bearded dragon. You may need to upgrade the cage later if you get one, though. I'm not entirely sure what is recommended for them off the top of my head. The 12" depth is what might do it. Most will have a lot of yellows/blacks/oranges to them and I'm sure there's a bunch of more expensive morphs out there too if you would want something like that. You can do a google image search to get an idea of what they look like .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amazon
    Finally someone mentions snakes. I have a rosy boa and I love her.
    Snakes are great, but the OP said no snakes. It would make a great nature terrarium for a couple of garder snakes or green snakes. Rosy boas and sand boas would work, or even a ball python. Cornsnakes or some of the milksnakes.
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    Yeah, I suppose you're right, didn't even look at the dates . I just use "new posts" and saw this pop up.

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