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  1. Default Angelfish stocking levels

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    Hi - first post; good advice appreciated !

    I have a 180L Juwel Vision. I havn't decided what to put in it yet, but am leading towards Angelfish, some larger tetras, some corys and a small plec.

    What would be the best quantities of each for these fish (by best = happiest fish) ?


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    It depends on the mix. Do you want mostly angels? Or maybe a shoal of tetras? You want at least 6 of the same type of tetra, since they are a shoaling fish. Same with the cories, though I don't think you need as many.

    180L is about 50 gallons right? Stocking it with 30 inches of fish of the kinds you listed should keep them really happy. Keep in mind the common pleco gets huge.

    Oh and welcome to AC

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    Thanks Chrona, for the quick response.

    I'm thinking at least 8 tetras for them to be happy, at least 5 corys for them to be happy. Perhaps a smaller plec (I know to steer clear of the common or anything even close in size).

    So with that in mind how many Angels would you put in there ?

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    I would put 3-5 Anglels max. Also angels are not schooling fish and do not like to school.

    My opinion is 10 gallons(10 gallon is ok, but 20 gallons would be better) for each angel.
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    I would put 3-5 Anglels max. Also angels are not schooling fish and do not like to school.

    My opinion is 10 gallons(10 gallon is ok, but 20 gallons would be better) for each angel.

    And you would be exactly correct. You have to allow room for other fish, plants, decoration, etc.

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    Thanks guys,

    Should I be worried about compatibility within the Angels ? I'd like to try 3 or 4 but if two pair will the tank be large enough to let the odd one(s) out avoid 'em ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coler
    Thanks guys,

    Should I be worried about compatibility within the Angels ? I'd like to try 3 or 4 but if two pair will the tank be large enough to let the odd one(s) out avoid 'em ?
    Generally, 5 angels would do well in a 55 gallon. I have one angel that's the pits and gets along with nothing so is in a 30 gallon with coreys. I really don't know what to do with him. I plan to get another tank soon and get a severum and will try him with him but not expecting good results at least until the severum has grown. This is the problem with any cichlid.

    Then you get into the breeding (where I haven't gone yet) and more problems such as moving the mating pair to another tank and having grow out tanks for the wee ones. 5 of my angels are the wild silvers so I may try just leaving them in the tank and letting the parents care for them when it comes to that.

    A mating pair will spam every two weeks so you can imagine how many fry a person would have to contend with when 100 plus eggs are hatching twice a month.

    I have 8 angels in my 55 right now but 7 are juvies so they have a lot of room. Different angels grow to different sizes and the veil tails, etc, need even more room. Give them lots of plants.

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    Hmmmm....thanks Hobbs...I'm a bit unclear; is the advice that I will need a separate tank whatever happens, in the event that I keep more than 1 ?

    I don't have a 55g so 5 or 8 is out of the question

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    No, that's only if they breed but you may wish to leave when where they are and see if they will breed right there. Other fish will eat their eggs and you will see a lot of aggression toward the other fish from the angels tho.

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