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  1. Default Keeping Ghost Shrimp with Clawed Frogs

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    I have an african clawed in my 20 gal tank, and was wondering if adding a ghost shrimp or two would be a bad idea with the frog?
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    I wouldn't add anything to a tank with clawed frogs. They'll eat any fish small enough for them that you put into the tank.

    So, no - ghost shrimp would be a bad idea. :) Unless you want to feed it ghost shrimp.

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    Actually, the frog is in a tank with plenty of fish, (see my sig) and has been kept with things as small as guppy fry, and has never seemed to be a problem before.
    29 Gallon Planted: Paired Angelfish, 8 Black Phantom Tetra's, 6 Peppered Cories, Kulhi Loach, Pleco

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    Well ghost shrimp are about $1/dozen here. I wouldn't buy the 50 cent ghost shrimp from petco/petsmart. The feeder ghost shrimp for a dollar, would do just as well, and will work as a good test to check your frog's aggressiveness. Even if the the frog eats them occasionally, I think the shrimp will be able to hold their own for a while they are fairly quick moving. If you've ever tried to catch a ghost shrimp, you'll notice they can jump back very quickly when startled.

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    My african clawed frog ate one of my cory's, they are glutons that would eat everything they can get their mouth around
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    my kermit lived in a 10g for a while with a molly. he ate everyother fish but never the molly. she was his bff. LOL.
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