Hi all,

Well today I went out and bought a Ehiem Pro 3e 2078 and I just thought I would give a short review on it.

Well I'll start from the beginning. When I went to pick it up for the LFS we opened it up to see what was inside. It comes with all your standard piping, spray bars and all the other bits to get it going. It did not however come with any filter media. So I just bought the 1 box of Eheim Mech noodles and 2 KG of Matrix substrate.

When I got home I pulled the canister apart. This unit comes with 4 separate cartridges. Noodles on the bottom and them the substrate mixed with a couple of seeded sponges in the rest. There is your normal white filter pad and then the blue foam pad after that. Fitting all the cartridges in was a breeze just fill them and slide them in.

There is a Quick release for the inlet and outlet pipes from the pump head it's self. Select the off position and push the red button and off it comes.

Once everything is plumbed there is a manual priming pump on the top of the unit. Press this a couple of times and and the water makes its way down into the canister. No more tube sucking Fishalicious.

Once the power is connected the pump goes into a self bleeding mode where it basically changes the pumping speed and sometimes switches its self off to let the air escape. Mine had a little troubles bleeding so I just gave the manual priming pump a couple of squeezes and the hey presto away it went.

Setting the different pump speed is easy. Just a push of the button + or - and that's it easy. A nice inbuilt feature of this unit is the Constant flow control. Basically as the filter becomes clogged it increases the flow rate to keep a constant flow. Along with the constant flow monitoring it also has a service indicator. With the press of a button the LED's light up, 1 LED = 1 month.

Next step for me was to set up the 12 HR bio function. Firstly that was one of the reasons the wife let me buy this. I can now have the spray bar at full noise during the day and then when we are both asleep its switches to a nice slow flow which creates minimal noise. Setting it took me a couple of goes but that was mainly due to me getting the 2 cycles mixed up. The only pain for this setting is you have to set it when you want the 12 hours window to change. But then again it only be an inconvenience once or twice.

Another cool little function is the stream control. When this setting is activated it changes the pump out put to full power for 10 seconds and then back to the original setting for 10 seconds thus creating stream like currents in the aquarium.

In conclusion. For $600 AUD this canister does not only supply me with fantastic filtration it also allows me to change the current speeds of the aquarium, have a 12 hour rotation of those speeds, makes cleaning / maintenance easy and lastly it provides me with piece of mind that this canister filter will continue to pump at the same volume as when I 1st put it together.

For all those tech heads out there there is also a Pro 3e USB version which can be connected to a computer to program the pump and its different options.

Tech specs:
Recommended size aquarium: 700L (154 GAL)
Pump output: 1850 L/Hr (407 GAL/Hr)
Power consumption: 10-35 W
Canister volume: 14.5L (3.19 GAL)
Dimmensions: 264X534X264 MM (10.4x21x10.4 INCH)