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  1. Default canister filter wont fill

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    I just got a new cascade 1200. Got it all srtup but cant get it to fill. any tips?

  2. Default

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    nevermind got it working

  3. #3


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    What was wrong with it? I figured this would be a 3 page thread getting it running. :) Let me know how that filter works. I don't know of anyone who has one and have heard no comments about them.

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    Agreed with Lady. I don't know of anyone with such a filter and am curious to hear about it. I assume it was a priming issue?
    8 tanks running now:
    1x 220 gallon, 2x55 gallon, 1x40 gallon long, 1x29 gallon, 1x20 gallon long, 1x5.5 gallon, 1x2 gallon
    Gouramis, barbs, rasboras, plecos, corys, tetras, fancy guppies, swordtails, ottos, rainbow shark, upside-down catfish, snails, and Max and Sparkles the bettas.

  5. Default

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    Their was a button on top that creates pressure or something like that. Sorry im not very technical. But the directions said to push that 4 times and it will fill with water. But it didn't, so i just filled it manually. But then it wouldn't create suction. So i just pressed that button lots of times and it started working. Overall setup took about 45 min. But now the suction is good and the water is circulating. It also is pretty quiet. It makes about the same noise as an aerator which is nice. Ill wait a little while before i give my final report on it though.

  6. Default

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    I have the same filter on my tank, 72g. It was basically what the store owner recommended when I bought the tank and I honestly didn't know better(hadn't read much here at that point). I became skeptical at first when I read everything on here about all the others(Eheim, etc) and nothing about the Cascades. I have to say, it has been good to this point, although consider that I'm fishless cycling at this point. The true test will come when there is waste and other matter to filter out. It is so quiet, that I had to put my hand on it to make sure it is running. Setup was easy and it has 4 large trays for media. I had absolutely no problem priming it, just opened the valves as suggested, hit the prime button 4 times, and it filled right up in a minute. I would also think you could vary the flow with the valves, although I don't need to. It comes apart real easy and has a handle for carrying. And it also comes with both a spray bar or directional return attachment. I think I covered it all !

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    I'm skeptical due to the cascade HOTB filter I bought. I just barely bumped it on the edge of my sink and a huge chunk was knocked out of it. That plastic is very cheap and very thin and it wouldn't take much to crack it.

    I would think for smaller tanks they would filter fine but just don't know about the larger tanks.

  8. Default

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    the plastic on mine seems pretty thick. And its filtering very well so far. My fish are a lot happier and swimming around much more. So far id say its pretty good.

  9. #9


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    when i posted my canister questions thread last year, someone suggested the cascades, claimed they ran 2 of them and they were dead silent. Also got good reviews on amazon.


  10. Default

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    It is really quiet. I can barely here it when in the room. And dont even know its their when outside. i give this filter a 4.5/5.

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