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    I have lived in Europe for 20 years and still struggle with it. It's a shame that the US didn't go fully metric a long time ago with the rest of the world. I still have to convert back sometimes to figure out, oh, that's a lot, or is that all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Turkey
    LOL i guess i left myself wide open on that one
    That, you did, dude!

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    Like ordering dechlorinator online. Prime 250 mL and Amquel 16 oz. I have to sit here with my conversion chart open before ordering anything.

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    That's about a cup, which is about 16 oz LOL One of the last times I was in the US I bought myself metric/US measured spoons, cups, and a larger container to teach myself...of course it doesn't always work with dry ingredients, but only fluids like milk, water, cream, etc. I also have a kitchen scale that does both, and I still have a piece of paper stuck to the inside of a cabinet that translates Fahrenheit to Celsius for roasting/baking. And when I weigh myself in kilos I still catch myself saying, so how much do I really weigh. Sometimes I don't bother as the kilo weight seems smaller than the pound weight, so I feel lighter.

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    Hmm...well, here in Canada we supposedly switched to metric back in the late 60s...but we're still not there.

    Consequently I think of some things in metric, some in Imperial, and some I can convert readily to either/or...

    Even my kids, who only learn metric at school, do height and weight in pounds and inches...not kilos and cms...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    Like ordering dechlorinator online. Prime 250 mL and Amquel 16 oz. I have to sit here with my conversion chart open before ordering anything.
    I sit on the AC with the conversion chart open! F or C. G or L. It's just all too hard!! ML or OZ.
    Fish are friends, not an expendable entertainment device!

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    I never learned any metrics in school nor did my kids. Mechanics here used to hate the foreign cars because none of their tools were metric. Of course that was years ago. I don't think any of my kids know metrics either. They deal in inches, feet, yards and sq ft.

    Oh well. Another little thorn in life.

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    I remember when my parents came over to visit soon after I had moved to Belgium. After sightseeing each day, we went out for lunch and dinner so I didn't have to bother with cooking. When I left them on their own for a day because I had a client in town who had some work for me, my mother said she was tired of of eating out and would cook dinner. She and Dad would go to the local grocery and buy the fixings for dinner. I honestly did not think they would manage with the groceries, but said, sure, whatever you want, it's your vacation! Have fun! We'd been to the grocery store so they knew where it was and she was planning something simple.

    When I got home, I entered a smoke filled apartment and a rather nasty looking burnt chicken and potatoes sitting on top of the stove cooling off. I asked what happened. She said, well, I couldn't understand why your oven only went up to 250 degrees. So, I figured it was some slow cooking European technology thing. So I put the chicken in earlier than I would have at home. Your Dad and I got bored, so we went for a long walk in the park. I took a lot of pictures, we got distracted, and then decided to come home to check on the chicken knowing for sure at that temp it was probably only half done. Mum, I said, did you ever think that the oven numbers might be in Celsius? 250 celsius is nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, we ate out that night.

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    Poor Mom! All that effort up in smoke!

    Hope your dinner out was as memorable!
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    We went out for a great dinner, somewhere expensive...and made sure Dad paid...he couldn't stop ribbing her (he's a disaster in the kitchen to this day). She laughs about it now.

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