I thought maybe I'd start something to record the goings on with my tank which will be soon expanded~leaning more toward the 29 instead of 20L since they have the same footprint.

Currently in my 10gal I just added a couple of tiny otos Saturday night~I had a palm sized spot of algae on the back wall of the tank and it was gone Sunday morning. Watching otos and when they are just hanging on the side glass or on a plant leaf makes me wonder if they are just resting or sleeping and if they do most of their work at night...I did get some algae wafers-I think I starved my last one..my tank doesn't get direct sunlight and expect maybe he starved.

Ruby the GF is the queen of the tank-no doubt about it. She isn't aggressive to any of the others; she's just big. The corys go about their own business not bothering anyone, but those danios, particularly two of them, are a nuisance. There is now a danio that will hang with the neons in the corner with those other two get to into their chasing chasing games...not sure, maybe I'll take the back to the lfs I got them and trade em for more neons or another panda...

I'll post some pix in a little while..