Iv recently got a dwarf snakehead (Channa gachua), its about 3.5-4 "... max size 8" its currently in my 70 L tank with no tankmates... when its bigger I may put it in my 900 L tank,,,, are they agressive towards larger fish??

Here is a list of fish I currently hav they are all fairly mature..

900 L
- Common Pleco
- Gold nugget pleco
- 3 Cory's
- 4 Siemese algee eaters
- 4 Clown loaches
- sucking loach
- iredescent shark (getting bigger and bigger)
- 3 tinfoil barbs
- 2 bala sharks
- 1 torpedo barb (should be in shoal, can't get them any more)
- 8 tiger barbs
- 2 ropefish
- Bichir (senegalus)
- 2 butterfly fish
- red tailed shark

any info on this fish and about its behaviour, would be great!! and would he eat any of the fish mentioned above.... thanks