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Thread: Boesemani

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    Default Boesemani

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    He finally held still for 3 seconds.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Great shot, thats a beautiful Bossie!!

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    Thanks. Hoping my new batch has more males than females.

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    He IS lovely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    Thanks. Hoping my new batch has more males than females.
    Are the males more desirable or do you just have to many females?
    is there any way to encourage gender with Rainbows temp, ph etc?

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    I have no idea yet if it's the pH or the temp that helps with acquiring more of one sex than another or if the whole thing is actually fact. I could certainly change things easily enough temp wise but won't mess with the pH which is 7.6. I guess I could run some peat pellets to help bring that pH down if that's what is the determining factor.

    I don't want a few females stressed to death over a lot of males, either, but neither do I want 40 females and 3 males. :)

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    nice pic/fish
    juwel rio 180
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    Great photo! Glad he finally held still!
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 5 Fancies, 2 Dojos
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookfish
    Are the males more desirable or do you just have to many females?
    is there any way to encourage gender with Rainbows temp, ph etc?
    By Paul V. Loiselle

    Q. I have Pseudotropheus zebra, Ps. lombardoi and Melanochromis johanni in my 55-gallon tank, and in my 29-gallon tank are young Julidochromis marlieri, J. ornatus, Chalinochromis sp., Lamprologus caudopunctatus and albino L. brichardi. Someone told me that the pH of the water can affect the sex of African cichlids. If this is true, and is it true for the species I'm keeping?
    A. Sex ratios of fry can influenced by pH in some African cichlids this has been reported for most of the West African dwarf cichlids of the genus Pelvicachromis and for one species of Nanochromis: N. transvestitus. There is also reason to believe that when kept at pH values in excess of 8.0, at least some Lake Malawi cichlids produce broods with a preponderance of males. This state of affairs has proven particularly troublesome for breeders of the so-called electric blue Malawi Sciaenochromis ahli.
    There is no evidence that sex ratios are influenced by pH in any of the species you are presently keeping. Feed your fish well, keep up a program of regular partial water changes and you can look forward to a succession of broods with roughly a 1:1 sex ratio.

    N/A here.

    Here's another article with water temps. Again, in my case, apparently N/A but might be of some interest to others.

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    Excellent shot of a beautiful fish.

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