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Thread: Sick Angel Fish

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    Feb 2006

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    Default Sick Angel Fish

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    I have an angle fish in my 55 gallon with several other small community fish. Recently, the tank caught a small blip of ick. I used Mardel Maracide to treat the tank however just before i started to treat the tank the angel fish developed white vein like things on his side, the base of his fins are bright red (its yellow normally) and his right tentacle is shorter. i also noticed splotchy fins and skin. So I moved him to my 10 gallon to treat it separately. I used Jungle Fungus clear along with the Mardel for the ick. I was woundering what exactly is wrong with my angel fish. Even in the 10 gallon, his fins are still nipped looking and red and its tentacle is shorter. The only other fish in the 10 gallon is a 4 inch silver dollar that came from my friend who didn't want it anymore. the silver dollar didn't harm any of the other fish in its old tank and I doubt that it is the cause of the angel fish's continously shortening tentacle and lower fin. The only thing I can think of to cause the sickness would be the mild salt content, from the freshwater 55 gallon tank, that I have to use for my leopard puffer and the fiddler crab may have nipped the fins of the angel fish. I am still not sure what is wrong with my angel fish, his ick is gone but his fins and body are still splotch with white like vein growth and the base of his fins are red as well. Also his top fin is sort of cramped togther but none of the other fins are clamped.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If your Angels fins are shortening id assume it would be fin rot and the white veiny growths i think could be White Spot.
    I had the same symtoms with my goldfish once and i treted it with white spot removal and then the fin rot and white veins went away
    let me know how it turns out


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