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    Jul 2008
    Living in Victoria, Canada; Born in Mexico City

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    Question Hornwort vs. algae? Allelopathy?

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    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know about hornwort being used to fight algae? Does it really release substances that prevent algae growth in a tank? Any type of algae or just certain types? I don't think it is miraculous, but.... any information will be very much appreciated...

    By Alfredo Franco-Cea
    30 gallon tank -- low light -- tannin stained water
    FAUNA: 7 zebra danios; 5 neon tetras; one male green swordtail; 2 female adult platies (plus fry); 6 bleeding heart tetras; 6 false rummy nose tetras
    FLORA: Anubias, Java Moss, Ceratophyllum, Java Fern, WindelÝv's Fern

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    Dec 2008
    Sheboygan, WI

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    I have lots of hornwort but I still have some algae. I haven't heard of it releasing chemicals to keep algae away- maybe it just keeps algae from growing on it's leaves? I've noticed that mine usually doesn't get algae on it even if it's floating. It does grow fast, so it sucks up nutrients that the algae would otherwise get.
    10 gallon planted: white cloud mountain minnows, RCS
    29 gallon planted: Dalmation lyretail mollies, red mickey platies, wrestling halfbeaks, one Kribensis, and an apple snail

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    Jun 2007
    Northern California

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    Maybe because it grows fast it sucks nutrients needed for algae growth.

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    Jan 2007
    Edmonton, Alberta

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    Smile Hornwort vs. Algae

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    I've read that Hornwort competes with algae for nutrients and if floating blocks out some of the light. I never heard of it releasing anything, but I am very new to live plants.

    I am looking for Hornwort in Edmonton, Alberta, for my ten gallon tank. I have new Platy fry to protect (and possible future fry), and a tank brimming with algae. I hope to take on two problems with one simple solution. Not to mention a start with live plants. Which will work a lot better if I find some live ones.
    10 Gallon Tank - at home - 1 female Red Wag Platy, plus 25+ fry (still counting).
    4.6 US Gallon Mermaid Tank - 1 Betta (Prometheus)
    1/2 gallon quaranteen tank - empty.
    10 Gallon Tank - at work - 1 Zebra Danio and 1 female (silver and red) Dawn Platy.

    My Mickey Mouse Platy (male) passed away, but his tattoo lives on in his offspring.

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