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    Well good things might come to those who wait, but I've never been that lucky. I got the tank/stand combo and it was totally worth it, except on the way home another driver darted out in front of us and we quickly turned the truck to avoid being it and the left side of the tank smashed into the backseat, chipping it right along the seals. :(

    I was highly upset, although I did feel like I had still gotten a good deal, the stand alone was worth the money I spent. I've been waiting around to get another tank, PetCo had them on sale for eight seven dollars, but I decided to wait and see and just the other day I went into my LFS and they were setting out a used 55 that looked brand new. I quickly asked the woman if it was for sale, got it for seventy which I was okay with and picked it up today. I cleaned it out really well, although I'm going to rinse it out a few more times before I start to put in sand/eco-complete.

    I'm still working on it, it will be a few weeks before I can afford the other stuff. I have several pieces of driftwood and some large river rocks that I want to use and of course I have to get some taller plants so it's going to take a bit.

    Here is what the tank/stand looks like as of now. I really love it.
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    what happened with the one for 100 you went to look at?
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    That is the stand that I got for a hundred. On the way home another driver darted out in front of us and we had to turn sharply and the tank was in the backseat, it smacked against the door and chipped the sides so I have an additional 55gallon that I can't use. :(
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    How did the glass get damaged? Shouldn't the rim have taken the damage?

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    Hey, $170 for the stand and a new tank is pretty good imo. What kind of filtration are you thinking of? What are you going to stock it with?
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    The tank in question was different from the one I have now, I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was heavier and had a metal rim. It smacked into one of the arm rests in the backseat of the truck, the ones on the doors that arn't soft. It chipped the left side in two places. I honestly didn't figure it would be a huge problem, just silicon it, but people here said they would never fill it for fear it would be weak and break all together. I decided to be safe and just bought the other tank.

    As far as filtration, I'm not sure. I'm open to suggestion actually. As for stocking, I want angels and I've heard that they like a mature tank of six months or more so for the first six months after the cycle I'm going to house my four female bettas in there. The tank is going to be heavily planted so I'm hoping that much space per betta female will work okay. I'm just going to get a stocking list of what works well with angels and slowly work them into the tank before I put the angels in later on.
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    I'm going to get my background put on this weekend hopefully and begin to aquascape.

    I'm excited, my tank has been sitting empty for far too long.
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    good luck with your tank, i love my 55g. i bet you'll have a nice setup going, PM me if you have any questions.
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    Thank you for that!

    Well I got the background on my tank the other day. I decided to fill it up and begin cycling last night. I don't have all the substrate yet because I'm trying to decide if I want to plant the tank now that I want cichlids in it.

    Hauling five gallon buckets of water from the bathroom wasn't too fun, but I got the tank filled up in fifteen trips and now my arms are killing me, but I guess I'll have some muscle to show for my trouble.

    I dumpped in probably twenty pounds of pool filter sand that I had in my old 29 gallon tank. I'm just going to let it get the bacteria in it before I do anything else.

    I also got a cup of gravel from my boss's fish tank. She's had it for nearly thirty years and has had the same substrate in it for the last four so even without testing her levels I'm sure she has an amazing growth of bacteria. I chunked it into the tank just a few minutes ago and will check it tommorow to see how it's going.
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    All sounds good!! I bet you're having fun! If you plan on keeping the bacteria alive in the used substrate, you need to add an Ammonia source...

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