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  1. Cool Few newbie questions

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    i just got a 6g eclipse tank from my lfs that was moving to another city so i got the whole SW setup with a couple decorations, substrate, a clump of chaetomorpha algae, and a mantis shrimp

    well ive did alot of research in the recent months about SW tanks but mostly for reef tanks not a FOWLR or in this case IOWLR

    i picked up some live rock like 4-5lbs(mostly large pieces of rubble) and was wondering if this would be enough or if i should add some more

    another question these guys like eating snails, crabs, and live fish so i was wondering if i should acclimate the snails and crabs that will become food or if itll be fine to just place them in the tank

    and last question if i decide to feed him a live fish on a rare occasion would it be best to feed him a salt water fish or would a freshie work just fine and also should i acclimate the salt water fish that will become a meal

    thanks all for reading

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    That is way too small of a tank for a mantis shrimp, IMO. Do not feed this guy SW fish. SW fish are expensive, hard to come by, and are mostly wild caught. No reason to deplete the oceans limited supply of fish.

    - 29g FW - Community - Congo Tetras and a mated pair Kribensis
    - 55g SW - Royal Gramma, 6-Line Wrasse, 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, and various corals and inverts

  3. Cool

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    yea i know the tank is small for a full grown mantis but this guy is still pretty small around 4-5in and i plan to upgrade to a larger tank once he outgrows this one

    and i was only gonna feed him live fish once in a blue moon as a treat

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    Breed your own feeder guppies or feeder goldfish for best nutritional value. Just don't feed SW fish on purpose to the mantis shrimp.

    - 29g FW - Community - Congo Tetras and a mated pair Kribensis
    - 55g SW - Royal Gramma, 6-Line Wrasse, 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, and various corals and inverts

  5. Cool

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    ok cool i thought i had read somewhere that freshwater fish werent healthy for saltwater fish but if its safe i may do that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang Boy
    ok cool i thought i had read somewhere that freshwater fish werent healthy for saltwater fish but if its safe i may do that
    personally i wouldnt feed live fish to a mantis, all i would feed him is some frozen food, pellets if he will take them, and the odd invert like a cheap hermit crab or snail

    anyways, feeder goldfish have little nutritional value

  7. Cool

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    thanks for the help guys and ill get some frozen brine shrimp and see if he will eat it or not hopefully he will

  8. Cool

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    since my LFS closed i got wind of another MUCH larger all SW store nearby my house and went by there today and loved it i ended up getting some ghost shrimp(asked for 10 and got 12) and some blue legged hermit crabs(asked for 3 and got 11) the guy there was REALLY knowledgeable and i know this is a good store cause he looks to be the kind of guy that would turn away business if you were to buy a fish that wouldnt be treated well in your care

    i also picked up a little over a pound of cultured Bali Live rock that was very reasonably priced

    and since i got home i acclimated the shrimp and crabs and as soon as the shrimp went in he went crazy i think i found his new favorite snack and he has already destroyed a good number of the crabs which i dont mind cause they are only .99 each and i was only charged for 3 but i was kinda hoping he wouldve let them be for a little while since they were pretty small
    Last edited by Mustang Boy; 12-14-2008 at 03:02 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travie
    Just don't feed SW fish on purpose to the mantis shrimp.
    I don't see why not. If you can afford it. Small fish are natural prey items for mantis shrimps in the wild

    Feeding one or two small SW fish a week will hardly deplete the reef populations when you consider the vast amounts killed by habitat destruction. On the whole, the reef keeping hobby does very little to reef fish populations except in certain circumstances like the Bangaii cardinal fish and yellow tangs.......

  10. Default

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    Well, the first question i have for you is what kind of Mantis Shrimp is it? If it is a spearer then there's no point in trying to feed it snails, it can open them. If it is a smasher then no point in feeding it live fish, it can't catch them. If you are going to feed them live foods then you have to tailor the diet to the type of mantis you have. However, regardless of the type of strike, they can all be offered frozen foods. I'd highly recommend using a feeding spear for them though. ;)
    Considering a Marine Aquarium? A Breakdown of the Components, Live Rock, Cycling a Marine Tank

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