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    Default Dual cat adoption

    4 Not allowed!
    We have been actively searching for the right feline to bring into our family. There are so many rescue/adaption non-profits! My husband really liked the idea of a kitten (instead of an adult) for the kids.

    Choosing from among the masses was heart-wrenching. I wish we could adopt a bunch of them! But in the end, two (I think/hope) will fit into our family nicely. We brought them home yesterday evening and have renamed them Luna Lovegood and Autumn. I'll work on getting y'all a pic.

    I'd love to gather opinions and recommendations from cat owners (past or present) here regarding products. I've yet to purchase kitty furniture. We just have the litter box and a carrier crate -- which they both seem to feel safe and comfortable in, and I am working to keep it that way. I will likely get a few pieces of kitty furniture.

    I will be getting a tree or kitty-condo (which look like they might be the same thing -- not sure though) and am curious what brands y'all recommend. I might order one online and it might be nice to pick something up that they can use for their claws locally as well. PetSmart has a lot of the 'Whisker City' brand of cat trees. Does anyone have experience with this brand?

    I've done a bunch of reading and had cats in my past, but it has been many years. So many years that I already feel like a newbie! I just need to do everything in my power to make sure my husband doesn't regret bringing them into our home. He will not tolerate 'cat smell', so I'm working extra hard on prevention.

    I'm off to run some errands.

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    3 Not allowed!
    Congrats and THANK YOU for the rescues.
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  4. Default

    2 Not allowed!
    I use the Tidy Cat clumping litter with Glade. It works great to eliminate the cat smell if your litter box is indoors and clumps well. I highly recommend a box with a dome top as well.

    I made my own cat tree for alot less than purchasing one, if the hubby is so inclined. I might be able to dig up the plans I bought online but it was awhile ago so maybe not. Took about a half day to build but it has lasted for 5 years. About 20 bucks in wood and 20 on scrap carpet and rope.

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    2 Not allowed!
    Yeah, a scratching tree or post is important so they scratch that and (hopefully) not the furniture. I have the one that like to scratch vertically and the other like hers at an angle, go figure. Had a condo but the cats didn't use that so much. My cat likes to lay on top of high places more than "in" a den. Her favorite toy is the milk ring-we have half a dozen lying around and you have to smile when she pushes one under a closed door to remind you its time to "play". I also give the cats a little bit of dry food a day( bout 1/4 cup)-it helps a lot with their teeth in the long run versus 100% moist food. Just make sure there is plenty of fresh water for them too.

    Thank you for rescuing two furballs and love "Luna Lovegod", cute name!
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    3 Not allowed!
    Thank you, y'all -- we are very happy, here.

    They've been 'acclimating' (hahaha) in the bathroom most of the time. One of the two had a bad experience with a previous adoption, the lady told me. I'm just trying to give them the very best start as I can. I've had them out in the living area once (they've not explored any bedrooms as yet) and now they are worn out again and catnapping.

    We all have spent more time in that little bathroom than we ever have before -- haha!

  7. #7


    3 Not allowed!
    Pictures! What's taking so long!!! LOL!

    That's exciting! There is a recommendation that you have 1 litter box per cat, and 1 extra.

    So for 2 cats = 3 litter boxes.

    For 5 cats = 6 litter boxes.

    I currently have 3 cats and 4 litter boxes. All 3 use 2 of them (upstairs), and never use the other 2 (downstairs). Guess they didn't read the recommendations. (Not an issue, the downstairs ones take up a bit of room in an unused corner, so they can stay there in case someone changes their mind. Frankly, I'd rather they used the downstairs ones, but doesn't look like it's going to happen).

    But I always have had 2 litter boxes for 2 cats.

    I use a non-clumping, un-scented clay litter. It's a bit dusty, but otherwise less messy. All the cats and I hate the clumping litter. I use the liners (I'd rather not, but liners make it a lot easier for me to manage) and I change the litter completely 2-3 times a week. But it still smells.

    We tried a cat tree of sorts. No one ever used it. So it left the building...
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    3 Not allowed!
    I've never had a cat so I can't offer any advice, but I do want to say good for you for rescuing 2! Good luck with them! They won the kitty lottery!!!

  9. Default

    2 Not allowed!
    Thanks Fish&BirdKid! I sure do hope I can do right by them.

    Rue, I appreciate your expertise. Currently, we only have one litter box... I'm not so sure where we could put another. I'm concerned about this aspect, a bit.

    I've been scooping it out with a sifter/rake two and three times daily, plus changing it entirely daily as well. I also got the liners. The litter we've started out with is unscented and clumping.

    Years (and years -- haha) ago, when I used to have a couple of cats, I used bags for litter box liners. Glad there is a product specifically for this now.

    They are terrific fun though!

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