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    Much appreciate the myth-busting about goldfish... and the added commentaries. I started out with two healthy and (I found out later) an unhealthy fantails. The unhealthy one I (luckily) moved to another tank. He`s dead now and his two buddies are doing fine. Salt couldn`t help the first but I may be adding some to the tank of the remaining two... especially if any spots appear! Thanks again.

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    One bone to pick here.... Regarding cold water... The exotic varieties of Goldfish cannot live in water temps. below 72˙F -- they develop all sorts of health problems (especially swim bladder issues), are lethargic, etc. Basically, any Goldie variety that would not do well in a pond environment should be kept at temps. of 74-78˙F. Examples: bubble eyes, celestials, wakins, lionheads, albinos (except Comets), ranchus, pearlscales, pompoms, jikins. On the other hand, Comets & Shubunkins & common fantails do best in water temps. below 74˙F.

    Salt.... Never use it (I've been keeping Goldies for over 20yrs.). Though, many swear by its healing and preventative properties, I just haven't seen any evidence to that effect in my own experiences. I've had some Goldies for 10+ yrs. and they've never been sick without the use of salt. IME .... For Ich (seen only in new acquisitions), I have always used QuickCure. Most fish were rid of Ich in 24hrs. Usually treated them at full dose for 36hrs. and then at half dose for the rest of the week (5 days total treatment) and then put them in medication free water for a few days to monitor them, but never had a case of reinfection. Again, IME...

    Just my 2¢.
    Last edited by Fizgig; 11-03-2011 at 08:44 AM.

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    High quality food and water will prevent 95% of the problems you would have otherwise encountered. However, if problems do arise, in addition to extra water changes, goldfish respond very well to salt treatments. IMO it should be on hand for any goldfish keeper.
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
    Owner: Aquarium Maintenance Company
    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

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    im really worried about the temperature thing goodthing i found the answer to my question but is it the same thing to the fry? cold water if i put cold water in their tank like 65-66 f? because i always get cold water from the faucet in any season

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    Aya, You don't have cold and hot faucets?

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