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    I definitely agree with you on #9... I had a black tip shark; My husband brought one home because it was cute and tiny... It grew to a 9 inch monster and began tearing my tank to shreds! Needless to say, I had to rehome it.
    Fish I own: angels(x2), pleco(x1), dojo loaches(x4), bolivian ram(x1), platy(x6), snails(x?) garra rufa (x1) feeder fish (x3), 80+ platy babies were born about 4 wks ago. (Not all in the same tank of course!)

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    I don't see pictus cat on this list. That will be my 1st fishes.

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    Another one that should be in the top ten is Koi. I wish we could get legislation passed to get LFS to stop selling them. They are POND FISH not tank fish. They should only be sold through pond stores.
    46gal with 3 fancy goldfish
    75gal 'community tank' with Synodontis Feather Fin, Golden Bristlenose, Pearl Gourami, Glass Catfish, Rainbow Shark, Male Guppies, Silver Dollar, Harliquin, Rummy Nose, Cardinial, Lemon, White Tip, Golden Skirt, Black Skirt, Flame, Buenos Aires and I'm forgetting something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pele
    I'd add the goldfish

    Even though they ar usually a begginner fish, they need a large tank with frequent water changes and lots of oxygen, and comets should only be kept in ponds
    I agree... I bought a comet then after about a year of keeping 2... yes 2 in a small bowl I did research. We have a little man-made pond all ready to put him in. I'm just waiting for warmer weather.

    Goldfish are really misunderstood.

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    Wow, never realized how big the plecos could get... D: Good thing I plan on getting a 100 gallon tank anyway, my little three inch Consuela should be more than happy once I get her set up in something that big. XD

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    Interesting thread, but I would rather call the subject as "Fish to avoid in small tank"

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    I'm just new to this and i saw all of your posts and I had a question. If I had a 55G tank and wanted to start off with a Sailfin Pleco. How well would that work, and if I added these fish: Swordtail, Harlequin Rasbora, Lyretail Killifish, and Penguin Tetra. How well would they do in a community together?

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    Welcome to the fabulous AC!

    The sailfin pleco would outgrow the tank and eat the other fish when it had the chance.
    Its also not a good fish for a new tank.They should be added to a well established tank with algae growth.
    The other community fish should be fine together.
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    OK that changes a few things a little but no big deal. Since the Pleco is out of the question would it matter if I had a few Cory in place of the Pleco? And for the Rasbora, It would be ok with the higher ph of the other fish?

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    I wish folks who would kill a houseplant would stop purchasing bettas and leaving them to languish in 1 gallon of icy water. It makes me sick to visit someone and see one of these poor creatures gulping air on their coffee table.

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