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Thread: Dirty moss

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    Default Dirty moss

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    In my 55 gal i have a peice of driftwood with java moss all over but the moss always holds all the dirt and junk that floats around the tank, i keep it very short becouse of this but the moss still looks dirty. i use florite in the tank i think thats whats causing it. is there a fish that will clean my moss or do i need to get rid or the florite for clean moss?

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    It's probably from the fine dust off of your flourite so by removing the flourite you'd be stirring up more. So no, I'd just keep on top of your water changes, make sure your filter intake is clear and every time you clean the water use the siphon to go gently over the moss and suck up the little bits of dust.

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    Same here! You have to keep shaking the debris from it which doesn't work as easy when it's attached. Sounds like we both need some otto's to keep it clean.

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    I just keep my moss in an area of high flow of water... though it sometimes catches some garbage, it is easily blown away... and the slow movement of the leaves looks really nice too!
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    My female bettas make short work of anything edible that gets stuck in my moss - they'll jam themselves into rediculous positions and burrow all the way into the middle of it for a tiny morself of food.

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    I think my tank is laking in the water movment i have one fluvel 304 and it dosent make much movment maybe if i stuck some bubbles right under the wood.. i also have 4 ottos in my tank and they dont seem to like the wood.. lol

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    How big is your tank?
    What kind of filter do you have and what size is it?
    That could be your problem!
    Have you cleaned the filter lately in your tank water during water changes?
    A bubble bar might work for you,it will definatly move water but on top.
    Nothing works better than a good filter though!

    A pic of your tank could give a better description of your problem!
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    So my tank is 55 gal breeder tank, i have a fluvel 304 running and a small bubble disk. i do a water change 30%ish everyweek and always give the filter a clean in the water i took out of my tank. the florite however just clogs my filter right back up.. >.>
    Im probly going to just take all the florite out and replace it with some black sand. which would also solve my dirty moss problem i think ^^

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