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Thread: Snail Free?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sounguru
    So since you do not like the look of snails then that rules out assassin snails to clear out your other problem.:-)
    So let's say one was to get assassin snails to get rid of the normal snails, umm wouldn't you just be left with a bigger problem? How would you get rid of/control the the assassin snail population?

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    Assassin Sanils stop breeding when there is no more prey left plus any extras are alway easy to sell.... They also are very slow growing and only lay one egg at a time so eggs when seen are easy to remove.
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    you're in a losing battle. Once you get them i'm afraid you're out of luck with getting rid of them for the most part.

    Sure you can treat with copper, buy fish that eat them but no much will completely kill them off.

    It's not just snails too. I now have duckweed from some of the plants i received.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PUNISHER VETTE
    It's not just snails too. I now have duckweed from some of the plants i received.
    And it could also be harmful bacteria and other types of parasites... that's why I always clean and disinfect my new plants with potassium permanganate...
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    Again, thanks. I have ordered monia, magna and pulex, differnet sizes of water fleas. I have 5 fish that can eat them. They pretty much eliminated the big ones, magna. The little buggers stay on the side of the glass and plants. They are not scuds. They do not get any bigger than a 1/32 - 1/64 of an inch. These smaller ones stay on the side of the tank and you can tell where they are cause they eat back the algea. The bigger ones that will swim across the water either get ate or sucked up the filter.
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