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Thread: Advice needed.

  1. Default Advice needed.

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    I always have a lot of questions and always want advice. So here is my tank:

    It is a 5g, with a 9w compact flourescent, the water temp is 78.

    I have two pieces of Lava rock in it, some sea shells i boiled before putting them in, and some larger stones. The substrate is sand.

    I have some dwarf baby tears which look like they're having trouble rooting themselves.

    I have a
    -moss ball
    -Narrow leaf chain sword
    -Micro sword narrow leaf
    -some kind of crypt.

    Most of what you see is a type of crypt that a coworker gave me because it grew a lot in her tank (also a 5g with a 10w light)

    I'm probably going to add some more sand this coming weekend because I added some Seachem flourish tabs and the dirt started turning a bit brown on top so I moved some more sand to the back and put the tab in the back. But im still going to add more sand just incase.

    ANYWAY. I only have a betta in it but my water quality is off a bit too, i've been doing small water changes every couple days. I know its still stabalizing and stuff so I can expect it to be a bit off. But any advice on that would be great.

    You can respond to this thread of I-M me on A.I.M. at YouBetterGoAway

  2. Default

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    1: a background
    Get some construction paper at walmart and cut it to size.

    2: I'm not sure i like the red rocks. I don't know if it's the size of them or the color. Some black rocks or a piece of dark driftwood would do wonders.

    Other then that i like the plants. They seem to be healthy and aren't too wild looking...yet.

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    I agree with PV on the background, most of the tank is blending into the wall behind the tank. A dark backgounrd will make a huge difference. Unless you like it like, of course, it's your tank after all Once the plants grow in a bit, it will look totally different as well.

  4. Default

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    What I'm mostly worried about is my water quality. I guess I will wait for more responses.

    I love the red rock.

    And I know I need to get a background.

  5. Default

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    whats wrong with the water quality exactly?

    Did you cycle the tank any? even so with plants it should help with any spikes that might occur.

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    I noticed you said that you had boiled shells in the tank. Are they real? If so they may be hardening and acidifying your water. Is this the water quality problem you are having?

  7. Default

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    no my ph and alkalinity are fine.

    Im pretty sure they're real, I got them in Hawaii like a whole bunch for $3.

    I let the tank run with the sand and everything for three days before I dumped my betta in because I felt bad for him and I figured he could help with the cycle if I do water changes.

    My ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite are a little bit high, they didnt spike or anything.

  8. Default

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    and im getting paranoid about the plants not growing so good, i pulled one out last night I just didn't trust that it was still really alive. Like the one right by the filter you see seems weird to me. and the baby tears wont do anything.

    (FYI im a really paranoid person when it comes to these things)

  9. #9


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    Your betta is very pretty. I like the colors.

    Is this your first fish? I got really concerned that my first fish had parasites, then fin rot, then the plants were dying. Even though it was all in my head I nearly killed him with medicine and fiddling. I have since learned to relax. Maybe that's all you need, but then again, I'm still pretty new to fish. Hope you get is sorted out.


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    Oh, I see you also have goldfish, so maybe that's not it.

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